I have to fess up. I had cake for dinner. But, I made myself feel better about the fact that it has loads of fruit in it – in amongst the scaled down butter, sugar & flour. It’s a basic Banana cake with a few tweaks here and there, to vaguely heathify it up – removing some of the Butter, Sugar and all of the Oil, and to suit the ingredients I had in the cupboard. I love a contrast in textures, and… View Post

Guess what I accidentally stumbled upon? St Clement’s just as the bells were ringing. The original church was badly damaged in 1948 by enemy fire & was rebuilt in 1958 and was dedicated to the RAF. “For over 1,000 years a church has stood on this spot. Tradition holds that it was originally built by Danes expelled from the City of London by King Alfred in the ninth century.  It is mentioned in William the… View Post


This dinner is so simple it’s almost wrong to call it a recipe, but it’s so scrumptious that I’m going to share it anyway. Packed full of as many vegetables as you can slip in, it’s full of everything good in vegetables. I like my vege skins on; just scrubbing the skin off potatoes and butternut squash, peeling sweet potatoes, adding courgettes, peppers, cauliflower, carrots and any thing else you have languishing in the fridge.… View Post

  With the closing ceremony tonight, it’s hard to think of what we’ll be doing without the Paralympics & Olympics. When initially announced that London had won the Olympics, there was a great deal of  cringing in London, imagining all of the chaos caused transport and facilities-wise, but actually it’s been ok. It’s be more than ok really – after the main Security problems, and our Army boys stepped up, the trains have been busier (Ok,… View Post