Sunshine Smoothies

    I love smoothies, and I’m kind of obsessed with them. Anything that can be blitzed and slurped I think I’ve played with, but still find the old classics make such a lovely, quick and nutritious breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner/dessert…

    This one is my 30second sunshine pick me-up. Bursting with fresh zingy citrus, it’s light, nutritious and scrumptious. Substitute your favourite fruits or whatever you have on hand. To make it more filling, add 40g Porridge Oats (with a touch of Agave to balance the dryness) or a frozen banana, to make a slurpy juice drink, add apple juice and to make a ‘pudding bowl’ freeze all of the fruit in advance and add half a tsp of Xanthan Gum.

    Sunshine Smoothie


    A quartered fresh Kiwi Fruit

    4 halved fresh Strawberries

    1 Frozen Peach or Nectarine or a quarter of a Mango

    150ml pot of Yoghurt

    1. Place in a smoothie maker & blitz to taste

    2. Serve in a pretty glass with Strawberry garnish

    3. Enjoy!

    I’m off to enjoy this in our backyard, with our beastie cat who has found a sunny spot!


    Sunday Evening Shenanigans

    Tonight I was out with the Girlies. Teppenyaki for dinner, followed by a few bevvies, some Fat Freddys Drop and a lot of laughter about being a foreigner in England.

    Life is good.

    We went to Sen Nin in Camden, and whilst the food was great, the chef was a little under par if we’re honest – he was ok, but not quite as fun loving as our Ealing chef.

    Todays Workout: 40mins walking, 40 minutes doing chores, 3 hours laughing (ab toning, you know?)


    Greyhound Racing, Wimbledon

    A very good friend of mine decided as a birthday treat, she’d like to spend a night at the races. Not just any races, but the Greyhound races in South London. Now, I’m up for pretty much anything once me, and this sounded like an evening straight out of Only Fools and Horses (oh how I wanted to see someone with a Sheepskin coat!)

    My only reservations about doing this, is the treatment that animals can have at the hands of trainers. Much like animal circuses (which you won’t see me at. Ever.) I don’t like to support any organisation that brutalises animals, even by omission, but I looked into it, and on the surface of things, they appear to be ok, and are heavily regulated to keep owners in check;

    “Whilst welfare standards in decades past have not been as high as they are now, modern-day greyhound racing is well regulated and well run. Greyhounds are identifiable and are trained by licensed trainers whose facilities are regularly inspected. In decades gone by, the sport was perhaps not so welfare conscious and some practices that were acceptable in the past are certainly not acceptable today. That legacy that has led to perceptions of the sport does not represent an accurate picture of greyhound racing as it is today.” Credit

    I volunteered as a youngster at the SPCA in New Zealand, taking the dogs for walks (the only problem was that I was allergic to a large number of cats, and the dogs took ME for walks) so I’ve seen mistreated animals. Still, I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the night.

    The long and short of it is, we had a fun night out that didn’t involve copious amounts of drinking, and the dog from our perspective seem to enjoy it – one particularily enegertic pup getting loose and doing an extra lap!

    An accidental motion capture shot! Enlarge for detail.

    We also caught the 4×100 relay in the Olympics, and carefully followed Tom Daley in the Diving by BBC and live website updates – so close mate!!

    There were a surprising amount of Hen & Stag parties there, and the amount of men in wigs and dresses was staggering. I’m not sure what Del boy & Rodney would have made of them!

    Todays Workout: an hour walking, 30 minutes altogether running up and down 4 flights of stairs.


    Cat Diving

    Our pussy cat has been up to highjinks this week. Case in point, this morning, we were woken at 6am by a woeful mewling.

    She had decided in her infinite wisdom, to clamber to the top of our cupboards, and my lovely hubby panicked thinking she wasn’t able to get down. He rescued her, placed on the ground and went off to work, safe in the knowledge that she had all four paws securely at ground level.

    Well, until I prepared to leave for work and noticed a pair of green eyes peeping over the cupboard edge, about 7inches from the ceiling. I’m a bit meaner, and more used to cats, so instead of pulling out a chair to grab her; popped some cat biscuits in her bowl, at which she managed to get down. I personally think she was holding a Sit-In protest at the lack of treats lately.

    The real reason for her high adventures became apparent when I came home from work and she was up there, again: she was practising her 10m fixed board dives – must be at least a 3 1/2 forward pike?