Look no further for an ultimate Kiwi comfort food.  Whenever I get chatting with people about New Zealand, they always ask what kind of food we eat. I always feel like I am letting them down when I say “Oh, you know, normal stuff: 3 meat and vege, roasts, pasta…” It’s not really like we have national dish, except maybe roast lamb, the disputed pavlova or hangi, but hangi is really more for special occasions. One of… View Post

The ultimate Loo Book – chock full of halarious and downright random facts of London. It’s really mean to be a dip in and out of book, but I must admit that I read it in 3 sessions – from the comfort of my couch. The Little Book of London David Long Including the reason that policemen are called “Coppers and the Old Bill” and that Members of Parliament are still forbidden to attend the… View Post

I just had to share with you the other places we saw that were amazing. This will be my last post about Barcelona, I promise. Sagrada Familia: No question, this place is incredible. Park Gaule: Fantastic place to wander, watch the parrots and take a picnic. The La Boqueria Food Market, off Las Ramblas (a tourist attraction in it’s own right): Take a half day trip to Montserrat – you can do this easily by… View Post

We started with a walking tour of Gaudi’s most famous works and our tour guide asked us: Genius or Madman? (Warning, you may want to make a cup of tea and get a biscuit, this is quite a photo heavy post, sorry!) Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) was a Spanish Catalan architect and figurehead of Catalan Modernism. His architecture reflected his passions of architecture, nature and religion. (Wikipedia) He created/modified some of the most amazing buildings, using nature… View Post

Founded by Hercules, (or Hamilcar Barca depending on who you ask) is a city with a rich cultural footprint and by and large, great weather. We have just returned from a 4-day city break there, enjoying exploring it’s twists and turns. Favourite memories include; Sun, Siestas, Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Spanglish, Views, The Mediterranian, Unplanned Picnics, Chess!?, Sangria, Monasteries above the clouds, Paella, Gothic Architecture, Flan and more sunshine.