I love smoothies, and I’m kind of obsessed with them. Anything that can be blitzed and slurped I think I’ve played with, but still find the old classics make such a lovely, quick and nutritious… View Post

Tonight I was out with the Girlies. Teppenyaki for dinner, followed by a few bevvies, some Fat Freddys Drop and a lot of laughter about being a foreigner in England. Life is good. We went… View Post

A very good friend of mine decided as a birthday treat, she’d like to spend a night at the races. Not just any races, but the Greyhound races in South London. Now, I’m up for… View Post

Our pussy cat has been up to highjinks this week. Case in point, this morning, we were woken at 6am by a woeful mewling. She had decided in her infinite wisdom, to clamber to the… View Post

This week, life is good; And a bit of a naughty family gathering;  Today’s workout: 60 minute walk through playing fields in the Sunshine.