I LOVED it. I think I had almost the perfect day yesterday. With quite a bit of holiday leave left, we decided to have a day off yesterday making it a luxury-staycation 3-day weekend.  Let there be light!   We started off pretty lazily, then I learned how to change a light fitting (not really planned, but one of the joys of day to day living) before we wandered out the door to the… View Post

London is a tourist’s dream. Every corner you seem to go around contains yet another British Icon. According to our guide, this was my best pic, and I ‘won a prize’ for it. Still waiting for my cheque Mr! It’s funny, when you come to London with more of a long term stay planned, you might do a few of the touristy bits, then settle into your 9-5, and the symbols become old hat. Catching… View Post

This book reminded me of Marmite. You know how it is; some people love it, some people hate it, and you occasionally see a lone jar on the shelf, and think ‘Oh, what the heck (or something more punchy depending on the kind of store you’re in) it’s been aaages since I tried Marmite’. A Song of Ice and Fire (1) – A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin Sometimes you are in the… View Post

“The principal sin, Of Gin, Is, among others, Ruining mothers” (Anonymous, c.1940.) As an ex-pub manager, I pride myself on having tried most things at one point or another (you can’t recommend something you haven’t tried yourself…), however, Gin and I weren’t friends. To be honest, I think it’s mostly the tonic that accompanies it (I can hear hubby scoffing now) so I haven’t really ever delved into it. I have quite a sweet tooth,… View Post

A secret plan to overthrow the king + a mercenary named Guy Fawkes returning from war abroad + thirty six barrels of gunpowder = we commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes with bonfires and fireworks, and by burning an effigy of Guy. Best reason for an awesome night. So awesome, I was too busy enjoying the fireworks, charred treats & generally enoying to get any good pics – sorry! This year it almost felt like a… View Post