This dinner is so simple it’s almost wrong to call it a recipe, but it’s so scrumptious that I’m going to share it anyway. Packed full of as many vegetables as you can slip in, it’s full of everything good in vegetables. I like my vege skins on; just scrubbing the skin off potatoes and butternut squash, peeling sweet potatoes, adding courgettes, peppers, cauliflower, carrots and any thing else you have languishing in the fridge.… View Post

  With the closing ceremony tonight, it’s hard to think of what we’ll be doing without the Paralympics & Olympics. When initially announced that London had won the Olympics, there was a great deal of  cringing in London, imagining all of the chaos caused transport and facilities-wise, but actually it’s been ok. It’s be more than ok really – after the main Security problems, and our Army boys stepped up, the trains have been busier (Ok,… View Post

Today I found myself an moment of peace amongst the noise, interaction, sights and smells of the Tourists in and around London. As a very happily married gal, it felt quite strange today to split off in town and wander our separate ways (hubby was off to do some secret shopping for my upcoming birthday) and I ended up wandering through Charing Cross and the Strand. Being on my own for the hour or so got me… View Post

I have a confession to make. I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan. I love his combination of fantasy, wit and comments on life. His fourth book is Mortis a witty, cynical parody romp through perils of a first job, but this is a first job with a difference – Mort’s boss is Death himself. We’ve all experienced first days, but at least our first day’s couldn’t destroy the very fabric of reality. “As Death’s apprentice, he’ll have… View Post

Nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo? We are only just getting a bit of summer! See!