Perfect for an Autumn night, this dish is quick and light, but refreshing and filling – and not too bad on the calorie front. Chestnut is something that doesn’t seem to be used a great deal, seen as a gourmet ingredient, but I really enjoy the taste of it and quite often pick up the vaccum-packed boxes. It makes a scumptious Turkey, Leek and Chestnut Pie (a post-Christmas Jamie Oliver recipe I think) and can… View Post

Thank you Twitterverse. Lenin, cops in Wardrobes, Olive Cromwell, hangings, Tudor gates and the St John Headquarters. Who would have thought that the Clerkenwell/Islington area has such a grisly past? With an afternoon to spare, and my usual partners in crime holed up in various pubs and whatnot I decided to enjoy the blue skies and check out what was happening in London. It’s the best city in the World. Handsdown. The only problem was… View Post

Mother restaurant to Kopapa, we’ve heard so many rave reviews about The Providores in Marylebone Village we had to head over and check it out. With two lovely wing-ladies, a rendezvous was arranged for 10.30am, knowing that the restaurant gets busy, hoping we could get a table in the lower non-book Tapas (known as such because of the Tapas cloths on the walls) portion of the restaurant. We had pretty poor seats as the luck… View Post

There is something primitive about music, the way that it can evoke, echo and enchance your mood. Every little boy of a certain age’s dream (except maybe the ones who want to become racing drivers or dancers (aka Billy Elliot) seems to be that they want to be a rockstar. Travel the world, have loads of girlfriends, create amazing music. What a life. Well fellas, you could do worse than take a wander up London’s… View Post

Look no further for an ultimate Kiwi comfort food.  Whenever I get chatting with people about New Zealand, they always ask what kind of food we eat. I always feel like I am letting them down when I say “Oh, you know, normal stuff: 3 meat and vege, roasts, pasta…” It’s not really like we have national dish, except maybe roast lamb, the disputed pavlova or hangi, but hangi is really more for special occasions. One of… View Post