The Wong Kei, although less of a fine dining restaurant and more of a London experience has good, value for money, quick food and is always busy, full of students and local Chinese people, which is always a great indicator of good local food. We love it. It’s a local landmark and for a quick, cheap, central meal almost can’t be beaten. It’s also notorious. Years ago the waiting staff used to be incredibly rude hurrying people along… View Post

Another installment of The Rivers of London series, we follow London Bobby Constable Grant as he gets futher into his education, and tackles cases – or rather ends up stumbling upon them. He is called to the city morgue, where a body contains an imprint of a jazz song – something isn’t right. Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London 2) Ben Aaronovitch (Book One here) I really couldn’t wait for this continuation of the series, and… View Post

I was even more exited when this month’s box arrived on my doorstep than normal, being ill, camped on the couch when the Postie knocked on the door with a wee parcel that brightened my sniffly day immensely. I had to restrain myself, as I knew there was no point ripping everything open until I had my sense of taste back. My lovely foodie penpal (and coincidentally a local blog I was already following) was Kit from… View Post

With most of my family in New Zealand, it’s really lovely to be able to spend time with hubby’s family who have pretty much adopted me as their rugby loving, chitter chatting, token antipodean. As weekends go, this was a good-un. One we got our chores out of the way, it was full of … … Pumpkin Spice Lattes (they have been finally brought over here – I’m going to see if I can get the… View Post

One of the hardest aspects, and at the same time the best aspects – about living in London is the grey city-fied-ness of it (yes, I’m making up words again, sorry). London is incredible, but on a daily basis to earn the money that keeps you able to travel to lovely destinations, eat scrumptious meals and generally enjoy yourself, you wake up to the alarm, do your work-day trudge, work, go home, complete chores and then sleep, ready… View Post