There was such hype about this book, and I kept saying to myself “Shall I get it? Is it all just hype? Should I get a samurai sword?” And the answers are Yes, Somewhat but it is still awesome – mostly as it has ninjas and butt-kicking in it and probably No. It wasn’t until I was walking to work one day, and an American guy said to his mate “Pride and Prejudice with Zombies… View Post

In the last while, we’ve enjoyed some really interesting foods and tastes; Umami Homemade Curry Powder Coconut Milk, from a Coconut Raw Oysters Almond Butter But these babies are my favourite so far: I wish I could claim that I have painstakingly creamed, baked, piped and assembled them, but I would be lying (though I do make a mean Melting Moment biscuit – I used to make them for my Dad, and people would steal them out… View Post

One thing uniquely London, is the Notting Hill Carnival. A melting pot of food, music & dancing, but not for the faint hearted. With Jerk chicken that could burn through steel, cool crisp beer, and eye-watering crowds, we haven’t as yet braved the carnival. We were definately considering it this year, until we met the melee of the excited travellers on Central Line. Wow.   We definately piked this year (didn’t end up going), but next year,… View Post

I had planned great things for my blog posts today: a recipe and discourse to rival war and peace.   However, as things do, life kind of got in the way. We got some pretty boring chores completed, groceries done, gym out the way, and then a last minute decision to catch up with hubby’s family, taking my cuz with us. Such a lovely unplanned evening of laughter. We are lucky – it has been… View Post

Now, I love London with all my heart (except the part that will always be reserved for Aoteoroa) but the one downside to London – the weather (Oh, and commuting, but we’ll leave that for another day!) The quintessential image of London is rainswept, and it well deserves it. It’s not normally a torrential awful rain, but just an annoying drizzle that springs on you when you’ve nipped out without your umbrella. Before I came… View Post