Intially, we were wary about the Olympics coming to the London; the cost, the hassle, winning hardly any medals….    But as time inched closer, a hubbub began about the Oympics. Signposts went up, flags were hung down Oxford Street, PR campaigns began, and a buzz began. We decided that we’d like to at least sample the atmosphere, and registered for tickets (about the time the 3rd round of balloting began). As for sports, as neither of us… View Post

Critters. Fur babies. They call them many names, but at the heart of it, pets are essentially your children, especially couples who havent got real children or whose kids have flown the coop. We have a wee pussie cat. She is from the mean streets of London, and experienced it all, abuse as a kitten resulting in a crooked tail, a pregnancy in her teens and a drinking habit. No wait, she doesnt have a… View Post

After a lovely Friday, we decided to nip up to Kiwi House near Kings Cross, the ‘base’ for Kiwis to celebrate during the Olympics. The queue was immense (which should have been no surprise to us, considering it was a Friday after work, and New Zealand had won 3 Gold medals that day(!!!), but the wait was definately worth it.                  This evening’s menu:     Ps. fact… View Post

We wandered through Central London today, enjoying all of the sights and sounds of the Olympic spirit, permeating the city. With events all over the capital, from Beach Volleyball in Horseguards Parade, to the Olympic Park, London is humming with the sights and sounds of Olympic shennanigans.  A giant Birdcage, complete with swing!  Who are you supporting, and what is your favourite sport?

Well, kind of. This morning I managed, and I’m not sure how (leaving cat and hubby snoozing,) to get up at 5am and travel to Heathrow to meet my cousin off her plane from New Zealand. I have to say she was amazingly chipper, happily chattering all the way home so we wandered to our High Street to organise a SIM for her phone. Whilst we were walking, it’s fantastic to reflect on the excitement… View Post