Crazy work people

    Most of the time Work sucks. But sometimes in the lottery of the workplace you end up spending 90% of your waking hours with some really lovely, and crazy people.

    Exhibit A:

    I swear to you one moment he was in a suit then 30 seconds later I saw a flash of neon pink. My stomach hurt we were laughing so much…



    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Reading Recommendation

    There was such hype about this book, and I kept saying to myself “Shall I get it? Is it all just hype? Should I get a samurai sword?” And the answers are Yes, Somewhat but it is still awesome – mostly as it has ninjas and butt-kicking in it and probably No. It wasn’t until I was walking to work one day, and an American guy said to his mate “Pride and Prejudice with Zombies man, dude it was cool” I knew it was a sign and had to get it.

    The Zombies, the Ninjas, the crinolines, the riduculous faux modesty, the sword wielding – need I go on? It made me laugh from the moment I opened it’s pages, and that’s all I wanted from it. I didn’t really expect Seth Grahame-Smith to blow me away with his erudite prose, but I did love the way that he weaves in the premise that the world is suffering from a Zombie plague.

    It’s a bit patchy, and I agree with a few other reviews I read – there definately could have been more beheading of the more annoying characters. One aspect I enjoyed, to my surprise, is that you can put this down after a few chapters, and pick it up again later and it will be there waiting. Normally I inhale books, but this I liked as I could have on Stand-By and meander through it at will.

    I liked Pride and Prejudice, I loved Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith


    Whilst I think this satiated my bloodthirsty/YA side, I’m not sure I’ll be picking up the rest of the series of Austen books re-written, but it was certainly a good chuckle, and like most of the Austen books, I will no doubt pick it up again later on.

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    Foodie-in-training: Macarons

    In the last while, we’ve enjoyed some really interesting foods and tastes;

    But these babies are my favourite so far:

    I wish I could claim that I have painstakingly creamed, baked, piped and assembled them, but I would be lying (though I do make a mean Melting Moment biscuit – I used to make them for my Dad, and people would steal them out of his lunchbox). Today we ‘happened’ to pass by a lovely shop selling them in central London, and my cousin has just returned from a European trip, and tried these in the Parisian flagship store.

    From a dizzying array of Macarons including Lime, Lemon, Violet, Raspberry, Caramel, Peruvian Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, we chose Caramel with Sea Salt, Chocolate, Mint & Vanilla.

    The Chocolate (hubby’s favourite) would be a perfect afternoon tea with a strong coffee or cup of tea. The biscuit texture is solidly smooth, then you hit the smooth lush ganache filling.

    The Caramel was lucious and unctious, but they are small enough to feel like a lovely treat and not overwelm you. The salt was a subtle hint to accompany the divine caramel biscuit, with a creamy centre and caramel surprise.

    The Mint surprised us. It’s ‘Garden’ Mint flavoured as opposed to peppermint which we were expecting, and after our initial surprise, an earthy palate cleanser.

    The Vanilla was my tied favourite (with the Caramel, can you tell?) With specks of vanilla scattered throughout, it was soft creamy and sweet.


    Overall rating: Inhaled

    A potted history;
    The story of the Ladurée macaron starts with Pierre Desfontaines, second cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, who at the beginning of the 20th century first thought of taking two macaron shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling.
    More information

    These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are made every morning in Ladurée’s “laboratory”. The pastry chefs measure out very precisely the required amounts of almonds, eggs and sugar, before adding one final ingredient, a pinch of unique “know-how”, essential to the making of such a delicacy. Once cooked and filled, the macarons are put to one side for 2 days before going on sale, the time it takes to achieve a perfect balance between texture and flavour.

    The only moan I have is the shop is teeny and cramped, and only fits two people in it’s width. I wasn’t comped by Laduree to write this, I just wanted an excuse to try them to share these with you, the general public, but Laduree if you would like to send us a few more to sample & review, I think I could bring myself to assist!

    Todays Workout (Burning off 4 half Macaron’s): 10 minutes running, 45 minutes solid walking, 10 minutes on the stair machine.

    What are your favourite biscuits?


    London Living: Carnival

    One thing uniquely London, is the Notting Hill Carnival. A melting pot of food, music & dancing, but not for the faint hearted. With Jerk chicken that could burn through steel, cool crisp beer, and eye-watering crowds, we haven’t as yet braved the carnival. We were definately considering it this year, until we met the melee of the excited travellers on Central Line. Wow.


    We definately piked this year (didn’t end up going), but next year, Notting Hill Carnival won’t know what hit it!


    M&C Saatchi

    Best Poster. Ever.


    Todays workout: An hour’s walk around Central London.


    Have you braved the carnival?


    August Bank Holiday Family time

    I had planned great things for my blog posts today: a recipe and discourse to rival war and peace.


    However, as things do, life kind of got in the way. We got some pretty boring chores completed, groceries done, gym out the way, and then a last minute decision to catch up with hubby’s family, taking my cuz with us. Such a lovely unplanned evening of laughter. We are lucky – it has been a hard few months, but we have come out of it stronger at the end. Happy, healthy and hearty. That’s all we ask for.


    Todays workout: 10 minutes running, 45 minutes solid walking, 10 minutes on the stair machine.


    What are your favourite/cherished family activities?


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