A rare Kiwi Spotting

    Clearly we have an ally high up, somewhere in the banking industry;

    We couldn’t believe seeing this as an option whilst selecting a nationality!


    Simply awesome.

    Todays Workout: Slalem – navigating the crowds of Oxford Street.


    Olympic Camping

    Camping, oh how I love thee. Oh how I hate thee.

    Forgetting the Olympic opening ceremony was on, we accepted a lovely invitation to go Camping with a group of really good friends.


    Our 5.5mile tramp, skirting beautiful lakes..

    Our home for the weekend, sleeping under the Stars (a 101 in 1001 goal!) It was cosy, very very cosy and one of the harder things about Camping – like our friend said when he kindly lent it to us “It’s meant to be a 2 man tent, but it’s a good thing that you know each other well!”. The next time we’ll go, I think we’ll invest in one ourselves. And an airbed. Or maybe I’ll just stay in a hotel, carrying some freshly mown grass to create the proper smell of camping. I wonder if they’ll mind me using the furniture to make a bonfire? Celebs get to chuck TVs so I can’t see why I can’t utilise the curtains as lighter paper.


    Gathering for Camp, we settled in amongst suited and booted businessmen, celebrating Friday night.



    Rolling English Pastures…







    … and primordial forests.



    Oh, why, herrow.


    A well earned rest stop




    If I could only remember where I left that tent…




    The best meal of the weekend.




    How to get into our campsite, this is roughing it.







    Home, Sweet Home.






    Best part of the weekend. Sitting around the campfire, talking tall tales with wonderful people.



    Dusk Sack Racing! There was quite a bit of foul play that went on.


    I learnt how to recognise a constellation, the Big Dipper. Thank you Mark! (another 101 in 1001 Goal!)



    (Best viewed large)


    Workout: Lugging 17 pound backpacks from campsite to campsite, including a 5.5mile tramp. Loved it, and would never have been able to complete it 3 months ago.

    Are you a Camper or a Glamper at heart?



    Another wee hobby I’ve picked up recently is Postcrossing. Such a nice thing to be dropped in your mailbox “a Postcard exchange project that invites everyone to send and recieve postcards from random places in the world”.

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    Todays Workout: 55minutes Treadmill at 6.3kph


    Average, and nice

    It’s been a pretty quiet week this week so far;

    Foodie Penpal Packages!

    Scrummy Vege box
    Tropical Fruit Smoothie
    Smoothie Bowls
    Sometimes I love my job
    Because the best thing to celebrate an althetic competition is mini-cupcakes, right?

    Bunny Rabbit free journeys


    Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt. Nom.


    Ealing, Queen of the London ‘burbs

    I’m going to geek out for just one minute, before getting to Ealing, I promise. I have a strange fascination with English place names – towns, streets, boroughs, you name it, I’m fascinated by it. I think it may stem from the fact that alongside traditional Maori names, such as Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­turi­pukakapiki­maunga­horo­nuku­pokai­whenua­kitanatahu and Whangamata, New Zealand has so many hearkening back to the settlers; Wellington, Cambridge, Dunedin. I digress, anyway…

    As per my training plan for the walking half-marathon in September, today we were scheduled for an hour and 45-minute walk. With the sun pouring in, and a cloudless blue sky, we knew we had to head out and soak up some Vitamin D whilst we could, instead of blasting tunes & staring at the wall on a treadmill. We decided that instead of looping a nearby park hundreds upon hundreds of times, we decided to catch a train to leafy Ealing and get our walk on.

    Ealing Queen of the suburbs Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Map checking told us it would be 4.8miles which felt like a good walk, and as we were feeling good, it should take us 1.45-2hours which would be slow but steady as it was our first longer planned walk (no shopping today which usually slows us to a snail pace as I lust over all the pretty clothes!)

    What a lovely place to be on such a glorious day! Ealing is a borough in West London and was known for a long time as Queen of the Suburbs – where every aspiring West Londoner looked to move with their families. With the big beautiful houses and leafy green streets, I’m not surprised, especially in contrast with the grimy grey London of yesteryear. Apparently, Ealing is one of the ancient parishes of Middlesex and its origins are Saxon or even earlier.

    Ealing Queen of the suburbs Adventures of a London Kiwi

    We passed Ealing’s oldest tree painted white because people kept crashing into it, Castle Hill Lodge, owned by Queen Victoria’s Dad and rumoured to be a love-nest of Victoria & Albert, oh, and just to keep it real, part of the A40 Motorway!

    England in the sunshine is just magical. I think that’s what got us walking so fast – we made it in an hour and 30 minutes. Awesome.

    Ealing Queen of the suburbs Adventures of a London Kiwi

    How you spend your Sunday? Is there a meaning to your road name?


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