I think the sky is falling. It’s certainly raining poetry…

    Tonight I learned, as part of my ex-pat experience, that it’s really hard to catch twirling poems falling from the sky. As part of the cultural events
    around the Olympics, a friend of a friend who is part of the Chilean collective Casagrande has organised to drop
    10,000 bookmarks over Waterloo, containing an piece poetry from poets selected
    from each of the countries participating in the Olympic Games.

    We nipped out for a wee bite of
    Dinner then wandered down to the Southbank.

    It’s a bit blurry, sorry.

    It was so much fun seeing
    everyone dancing, running and diving for the bookmarks as they floated down. It
    transformed some very serious people into little kids again as they scooped
    bookmarks from the air. The look on everyone’s faces – including my friends was
    priceless as we caught them.

    The helicopter had problems to start with, but managed to adjust to the wind & direction. We managed to catch a few and my favourite is below. I have a confession to make, I lost the actual poem & who it was by, but it is beautiful.

    Todays workout; 30 minute walk from work to our meeting place for dinner, 20 minutes twisting, jumping, laughing = toning?

    Have you ever written poetry? I have, and it was terrible – I was an angsty teenager, with no real trouble.


    Sunday Mornings

    There isn’t quite anything so
    lovely as a rare Sunday lie-in, with your best boy & fur baby. We treated
    ourselves to a lovely cup of tea, and gastronomes delight – Fish Finger
    Sandwiches. Between the
    crisp Fish Fingers, luscious white bread, the Tartare Sauce which was handmade,
    and well … why mess with perfection? Not super healthy, but we behaved for the rest of the day to make up for it.

    Queue the Maroon 5 (Edit: I’ve
    just noticed this should be cue – do you think this is a Freudian slip showing
    how I’m becoming Anglicized? The English love queuing. It’s quite refreshing though that people show such manners, and amusing  when waiting for something and someone butts in line out of place getting ‘the tutt’.)

    “Sunday morning, rain is falling
    Steal some covers, share some skin
    Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
    You twist to fit the mold that I am in
    But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do
    And I would gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew
    That someday it would lead me back to you”

    It is surprising though, how many
    up-scale restaurants are beginning to go-back-to-basics pulling home comfort
    recipes out of their childhoods and are trying to re-invent or put a gourmet
    twist on them. Every cooking show you see lately seems to be harkening back to
    past favourites.

    Todays workout: Rest day + usual Sunday chores.

    What is your favourite way to begin a Sunday morning? What is your


    Bank of England and £400,000 of Gold in your hands

    I held £400,000 of gold in my hands this morning, in the Bank of England, and no I wasn’t chased out by security. They let me.

    We couldn’t take any photos of it, but we walked through along the fabulous mosaic hallways, were taken through a brief history of the bank site (originally in rented accommodation, they moved to a purpose-built site in Threadneedle street, where they are now, then compulsory purchased the next-door church! which they bulldozed), wandered through the incredibly plush bank governers quarters, perused the Polish crystal-ware kept for the Queen luncheons, before we came to the highlight of the tour – the banknote museum. No really, the gold bar holding. Awesome. It’s 13kg and heavier than you think it would be.

    Cool geek fact – Queen Elisabeth II is the first UK monarch to be featured on UK paper notes. 

    I’m just disappointed we couldn’t keep the gold bar.

    I have however ever put in a good word for you with the security guards, and if you ask nicely you can play with 17kgs of a gold bar. How is that for an unexpected blog reading perk? It was pretty cool, an unusual ways to spend a morning. Check out their website if you’re interested (and get there early!). There are only a few weekends they open in the year, but it’s worth it.


    Coffee Date

    Such a lovely way to start the
    day with an unexpected coffee date with hubbs. Sadly for my workmates, they had to scrape me off the ceiling once the
    caffeine kicked in…

    Todays workout: Rest day.

    What is your favourite Friday treat?


    Bumper Cars, Pimms & Rain

    It was our summer work-do last
    night, a strangely fun evening of Carnival, BBQ and compliments despite the
    weather. After a snack break 20 minutes into our 50 minute drive (honestly the
    girls I work with are teeny but eat like horses!) we had some very competitive
    competitions – a Coconut Shy, Bumper Cars, Test your Strength, Bungee Bounce
    & a Rodeo bull, before catching up with old colleagues and a wee bit of
    (probably very awkward looking) dancing.


    Er, Did I mention I hit the bell
    with the Test your Strength?? The worrying thing is I did better than one of
    the office fellows! Must be all of the running I’ve been attempting lately,
    that or the Kiwi in me was running strong that day!


    I also had my first outside
    compliment on the battle of the bulge – an old colleague said I looked
    amazing!? – she made my week, and has given me the confidence to push further.
    Hubby swears our scales are wrong, my clothes are beginning to hang and I’ve
    changed shape over the last two months, but it’s nice to have some external
    reassurance as the scales haven’t budged for two weeks.

    Todays workout: Laughing and holding Pimms.

    What is the best office party you’ve been to?


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