Our pussy cat has been up to highjinks this week. Case in point, this morning, we were woken at 6am by a woeful mewling. She had decided in her infinite wisdom, to clamber to the top of our cupboards, and my lovely hubby panicked thinking she wasn’t able to get down. He rescued her, placed on the ground and went off to work, safe in the knowledge that she had all four paws securely at… View Post

This week, life is good; And a bit of a naughty family gathering;  Today’s workout: 60 minute walk through playing fields in the Sunshine.

Disclaimer: I read a lot. I read almost as much as I breathe. I read everything, and I enjoy almost everything I read. At the moment I am going through a London-phase, a Fantasy/Supernatural Phase and a devour every book in sight phase. This book I picked up on a whim, and loved it – it has kept me going through most of the rainy days we have had the last month or so. “According… View Post

Intially, we were wary about the Olympics coming to the London; the cost, the hassle, winning hardly any medals….    But as time inched closer, a hubbub began about the Oympics. Signposts went up, flags were hung down Oxford Street, PR campaigns began, and a buzz began. We decided that we’d like to at least sample the atmosphere, and registered for tickets (about the time the 3rd round of balloting began). As for sports, as neither of us… View Post

Critters. Fur babies. They call them many names, but at the heart of it, pets are essentially your children, especially couples who havent got real children or whose kids have flown the coop. We have a wee pussie cat. She is from the mean streets of London, and experienced it all, abuse as a kitten resulting in a crooked tail, a pregnancy in her teens and a drinking habit. No wait, she doesnt have a… View Post