Coffee Date

    Such a lovely way to start the
    day with an unexpected coffee date with hubbs. Sadly for my workmates, they had to scrape me off the ceiling once the
    caffeine kicked in…

    Todays workout: Rest day.

    What is your favourite Friday treat?


    Bumper Cars, Pimms & Rain

    It was our summer work-do last
    night, a strangely fun evening of Carnival, BBQ and compliments despite the
    weather. After a snack break 20 minutes into our 50 minute drive (honestly the
    girls I work with are teeny but eat like horses!) we had some very competitive
    competitions – a Coconut Shy, Bumper Cars, Test your Strength, Bungee Bounce
    & a Rodeo bull, before catching up with old colleagues and a wee bit of
    (probably very awkward looking) dancing.


    Er, Did I mention I hit the bell
    with the Test your Strength?? The worrying thing is I did better than one of
    the office fellows! Must be all of the running I’ve been attempting lately,
    that or the Kiwi in me was running strong that day!


    I also had my first outside
    compliment on the battle of the bulge – an old colleague said I looked
    amazing!? – she made my week, and has given me the confidence to push further.
    Hubby swears our scales are wrong, my clothes are beginning to hang and I’ve
    changed shape over the last two months, but it’s nice to have some external
    reassurance as the scales haven’t budged for two weeks.

    Todays workout: Laughing and holding Pimms.

    What is the best office party you’ve been to?


    Hello World!

    Hello world!

    For me this is the hardest part, a blogosphere wanna-be, trying to figure out what I want to tell the world, and to some extent who I want to be. Well, I can start at the beginning, and who knows where we will end up!

    Hello World Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I came to the UK travelling, intending to take a break year from my architecture degree, to explore real buildings rather than try and understand them on paper before returning home to finish my degree. Fast-forward 5 years, I’m still living in London with my hubby and our wee cat, enjoying life!

    Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I love photography, reading, wandering, trying new things, finding a balance between eating deliciously and healthily, hanging with friends, driving my hubby mad, listening to great music & I hope to add blogging! I vaguely attempt creating beautiful objects, writing, drawing, DIY, home design, understanding rugby and Football, comprehending the wild and wonderful English way of life, geocaching. Oh, and talking. I do love talking. Hello world!

    I simply wanted to pen a love letter to London, the place I call home. I hope you enjoy the journey. 


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