• Country delights

    Instead of our usual short train trip home, I accidently put us on a train where the first stop is in the next County along. An hour away. Oops! It was nice to see some cows though – makes a nice change from our city-slicking way of life.

    Olympic Village Wandering – Fail.

    So after months of discussing it, we finally got ourselves over to East London, to check out the Olympic Village. We were up early, settled into our Tube seats for the cross-London journey, and came out of Stratford station armed with a wanders map. I love the random industrial pieces of art that are dotted around the site, including the below. Irreverant and gleaming they are beacons for lost travellers hoping to see Olympic glory.… View Post

    Summer fun

    Yes, you read that correctly – it now feels like summer. The last few days here have been pretty good, and our 28’ day today was amazing once we got away from our desks – sunshine, with a bit of a breeze – so we decided to get out our BBQ for the first time this year and fire it up. As a totally unexpected bonus, my box of New Zealand beer arrived which I… View Post

    I think the sky is falling. It’s certainly raining poetry…

    Tonight I learned, as part of my ex-pat experience, that it’s really hard to catch twirling poems falling from the sky. As part of the cultural events around the Olympics, a friend of a friend who is part of the Chilean collective Casagrande has organised to drop 10,000 bookmarks over Waterloo, containing an piece poetry from poets selected from each of the countries participating in the Olympic Games. We nipped out for a wee bite of… View Post

    Sunday Mornings

    There isn’t quite anything so lovely as a rare Sunday lie-in, with your best boy & fur baby. We treated ourselves to a lovely cup of tea, and gastronomes delight – Fish Finger Sandwiches. Between the crisp Fish Fingers, luscious white bread, the Tartare Sauce which was handmade, and well … why mess with perfection? Not super healthy, but we behaved for the rest of the day to make up for it. Queue the Maroon 5… View Post