• Bunny Wrangling

    So, the last thing we expected was to be doing was bunny wrangling on our way home from the gym…! We were walking past a green near our house, and we noticed two animals bouncing around under the trees lining the park.   This is essentially the main view we had of the fellas Photo Credit  Looking closer, its a brown bunny and a white bunny! A hour and a half later, we’ve managed to keep… View Post


    I love lists. I make no apologies for it, and admit that sometimes I make lists of lists, and then lose them, adding ‘find list’ to the items of a new list. Sometimes we find ourselves saying “what are we going to do this weekend?” I love 1001 in 101, solving the twin conundrums above. I stumbled upon the website via the blogs I read, and devoured the fabulous goals people are setting. In order… View Post

    London Kiwi Spotting

    Psst look what I found in Regent’s Street.. Today’s workout: 40 minute steady easy walk through Central London from work to Picadilly. Are you as excited as I am for the Olympics? London Ex-Pats, have you seen your flag?

    Race for Life – 5k

    Ever since I’ve lived in the UK, around Spring, signs go up for various 5k and 10k races, all raising money for charity, and I’ve harboured a secret wish to be able to complete one without passing out at the end. So, as one of my mini-fitness goals I booked myself and a willing victim friend in for a 5k, with the intention of running at least half of it, and training properly for it.… View Post


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