• London Kiwi Spotting

    Psst look what I found in Regent’s Street.. Today’s workout: 40 minute steady easy walk through Central London from work to Picadilly. Are you as excited as I am for the Olympics? London Ex-Pats, have you seen your flag?

    Race for Life – 5k

    Ever since I’ve lived in the UK, around Spring, signs go up for various 5k and 10k races, all raising money for charity, and I’ve harboured a secret wish to be able to complete one without passing out at the end. So, as one of my mini-fitness goals I booked myself and a willing victim friend in for a 5k, with the intention of running at least half of it, and training properly for it.… View Post


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    Teppenyaki at Sen Nin

    We love sampling new cuisines so when an offer for Sen Nin popped up in my inbox for a Teppenyaki meal, we corralled a couple of friends and booked straight on in. Whilst in Japan on holiday in January (what an amazing place!) we tried Yakiniku which you sit around a table (we were in the suburbs, at a table not meant for our Western legs!), but this Teppenyaki experience was the full deal. We… View Post

    Roast Stuffed Squash

    It’s quite a struggle at times to make dinner that is quick, easy, healthy AND not cost the earth. May I present to you one of my favourite dishes. Stuffed Butternut Squash. As a’ brucie-bonus’, it only makes minimal dishes.  I introduced hubby to it not long after we started seeing each other, and though a tad unsure at first about Butternut Squash, he now asks for it a lot. He even made it  a… View Post