The Origin Story of Adventures of a London Kiwi

For the linkup this month, we’re chatting all things travel blog origin story. When I sat down, many many moons ago, having decided to start Adventures of a London Kiwi as a whim on a weekday evening, I genuinely never imagined where typing a few words on the internet would take me. *cue edited montage of amazing locations with an upbeat music overlay* [Or, a shot of me at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party…]

My Travel Wishlist for 2021 – Travel Linkup

Goodness gracious me, it’s that part of the year again already. The time for looking back, taking stock of the present and writing my travel wishlist for 2021. It’s also the time of year to be confused about exactly what year it is, but I digress.  Travel has never been a race for me – I’ve always picked destinations on my own terms, and for my own reasons (more often than not, it’s the history… View Post

12 Months and 12 Photos – A 2020 Retrospective

What a year. Honestly. It’s been a stressful year for everyone, where the simple pleasures in life have become so much more important. I was inspired by Tanja to put together this 12 Months and 12 Photos – a 2020 retrospective as a journal of a tulumtuous year that has affected so many.

101 goals in 1001 days – the final result.

A thousand days ago (give or take 3) I set myself a rather rambunctious set of goals: 101 items to be crossed off a list within almost 3 years. The goals ranged from as simple as visiting America, to keeping the coffee table clear for a whole month (you snigger, but have no idea at the will power this took to complete…!) One of those goals was to blog every single day for that time.… View Post

101 in 1001 Goal Update

The deadline is looming ever nearer. 101 goals that are meant to be completed within 1001 days. Will I do it? Can I manage to grow plants, see a sunset from a Greek Island, pat a big cat or create 15 recipes? I think that only time will tell. Having been busy lately, it occurred to me that I seriously have some work to do. That said, the list is 62% complete, with 20 goals… View Post