A weekend staycation at Tewkesbury Park Hotel

Sunrise slowly shimmered through the dawn fog and the soft twitter of birdsong spread across the valley. We were snugly nestled under our duvet, enjoying our weekend staycation at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, with a glorious view unfolding right at the foot of our bed. Disclaimer: We were invited to spend a weekend at Tewkesbury Park but all thoughts, images and curtain twitchings are very much my own. I always love staycationing (or taking a ‘minigap’ which… View Post

The Best Hotel Breakfasts In The World (So Far)

Like the brunch queen I am, I couldn’t help myself and put together a list of the best hotel breakfasts we have enjoyed so far around the world – they say “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” and I can’t help but agree. These are all favourites for a myriad of reasons – and every single hotel that we stayed in and listed, has excellent coffee and was… View Post

A Taste of Modern Luxury: A Staycation at the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel

Of late life has been crazily busy – working, planning, scheming et al – and so when I found myself on a rainy day in London, clutching shopping bags in the dour rain with a supperclub in the evening, I simply decided a treat was in order. That treat was a staycation at the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel in Moorgate. Sitting in a cafe, idly flicking through my favourite hotel booking website (mostly because… View Post

Salish Lodge and Spa: Hotel Review Overlooking Snoqualmie Falls

We slept with our hotel balcony door slightly ajar, the softly rushing sound of Snoqualmie Falls providing a soothing backdrop to our travel weary dreams. The smell of our own private fireplace was a rich and spicy quilt to our city senses, and the thick carpet of our Salish Lodge King Room was plush beneath our toes. That building on the top left-hand side? That was our hotel – the Salish Lodge and Spa –… View Post

A luxury stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

When I had planned a few days in Singapore, I knew there were only two hotels that I wanted to stay in. They couldn’t be more different in almost every way, and both of them fascinated me. For my first night, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel called my name. The striking three tower edifice has 2,561 hotel rooms, a 120,000-square-metre (1,300,000 sq ft) convention-exhibition centre, the 74,000 m2 (800,000 sq ft) The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands… View Post