When it’s all over…

    When I spotted this Q&A on Audrey Louise’s blog, something compelled me to take her lead [inspired by Kezzie originally] and throw my answers in as well about when it’s all over. If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t thought very much about the future.

    Hutong Shard Luxury Restaurant Review Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I’ve always been a very firm proponent of living in the moment (except when it comes to travel plans, it’s always nice to have the next adventure in the making) and with the uncertainty of everything, I’m just sitting tight. Read more


    9 ways to travel at home (when you can’t go out)

    I was dozing on the couch, soaking in the sunshine pouring through the windows, and hazily an idea surfaced. I remembered that even though we’re staying safe (and keeping those we love safer) by not going out, there are definitely ways to travel whilst at home.

    Ways to travel at home

    Travel is a welcome distraction from worry, something that brings joy – and if you’ve got children, a good way to explore the world and teach them about other cultures. Whilst we’re restricted to armchair travel, here 9 ways to travel at home – bringing a little light entertainment to our lives.

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    Books to Read: A to Z Edition [Affiliate]

    I have a bad habit. A rather terrible habit that drives Mr Kiwi pretty crazy – I’m one of the biggest bookworms I know – and believe me, I know a few. So I thought I’d pop together this ‘books to read’ list A to Z edition, because who doesn’t love a list! Disclosure: post contains affiliate links – but is no extra cost to you.

    Books to Read

    You’re thinking, “that’s not such a bad habit it’s not illegal, doesn’t hurt anyone and has no more than 0.000000000001% gang affiliation” (I’m talking the Librarian Crew), but I’m not sure you understand how bad my problem is. 

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    9 ideas for brunch at home (including full recipes)

    For years Mr Kiwi and I have had a tradition that if we aren’t out for brunch, we’ll make something delicious at home. So when we were sitting down and writing our grocery shopping list this week, we threw around a few ideas and whittled our favourites down to these 9 ideas for brunch at home.

    Recipes for brunch at home

    It makes the weekend that little bit more special (something important in quarantine times) – and perfect whilst we have the chance to spend a little more time than it takes to chuck cereal in a bowl.

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    My Dream UK Roadtrip | Sponsored by Bailey of Bristol

    You know how you have Travel Dreams (those ones complete with capital letters) that you keep tucked away in your heart of hearts? Well, although we’re currently on lockdown in the UK and unable to take a trip at the moment, there’s nothing to stop us from planning and dreaming about getting out on the open road when the time is right. Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Bailey of Bristol who have been manufacturing caravans and motorhomes in Bristol since 1948.

    UK Roadtrip

    Use a little downtime to open that box of Jaffa cakes and an enormous map and start following those B-roads in your mind to create the UK roadtrip of dreams.
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