• Waitangi Day 2021: An Online UK Edit

    I wanted to gather together all of the events that are happening on and around Waitangi Day 2021 – there are free and paid events, ways to support Kiwi businesses here in the UK and places to learn more about the history. Disclaimer: these are just the ones I’ve seen, let me know if I’m missing stuff! In the words of a good friend, “Waitangi Day is of utmost importance to Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s spirit… View Post

    The New Zealand Beer Collective | Craft Beers in the UK

    Nothing beats a taste of home. Especially when you’re a homesick Kiwi stuck in your house, so it’s an absolute treat when you get sent an entire box full of New Zealand beer (and cider) to sip from. [Disclaimer: The New Zealand Beer Collective sent me this selection, but all enthusing and random stories are all mine.] When people think of New Zealand beers, they often default to the biggest breweries – and you will… View Post

    The Origin Story of Adventures of a London Kiwi

    For the linkup this month, we’re chatting all things travel blog origin story. When I sat down, many many moons ago, having decided to start Adventures of a London Kiwi as a whim on a weekday evening, I genuinely never imagined where typing a few words on the internet would take me. *cue edited montage of amazing locations with an upbeat music overlay* [Or, a shot of me at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party…]

    French Toast Crumpets | A Brunch Recipe To Brighten Up Any Day

    I’ve got to be honest, I’ve not had french toast in years (I tend to have pancakes), but when I discovered that it was possible to french toast crumpets I was cracking eggs faster than you can say the words ‘I love brunch recipes’. I had them on a Thursday, then again on a Friday and Saturday, and mourned the fact that there wasn’t a crumpet crumb in the house until our next round of… View Post

    A Banquet of Food Memories and International Recipes | Travelling By Plate

    At the start of the UK lockdowns I promised myself that even though travel wasn’t possible, that I would do my best to keep travelling by plate, so I gathered these online memories and international recipes to tease your tastebuds and grace your dinner table.  The last time I travelled by plate here on the blog, I shared 7 dishes from 7 continents that I made – this time I decided to gather together a… View Post