Like the brunch queen I am, I couldn’t help myself and put together a list of the best hotel breakfasts we have enjoyed so far around the world – they say “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” and I can’t help but agree. These are all favourites for a myriad of reasons – and every single hotel that we stayed in and listed, has excellent coffee and was… View Post

I have a rather naughty habit of extending my birthday well past 24 hours. Initially it was stretched out to 36 hours – using the excuse of expat time differences.  Then, it became a weekend, which was still fairly reasonable. A few years later when I turned 30 it extended out into six weeks (I blamed the Mandarin Oriental hotel for their refurbishment works schedule) but I’ve since reeled it back into a very reasonable week(ish)… View Post

There are certain cities that have an addictive, mysterious joie de vivre to them. Amsterdam sits firmly on that shortlist. Please excuse the somewhat clickbait style post title, but I was at a bit of a loss how to describe our most recent city break there. A good friend of ours (he and his family live in Japan) found himself in Europe, and really fancied finally exploring Amsterdam. 

Blogging, oh, blogging. I’m not even going to pretend that blogging has had a small impact on my life. It’s had a rather major impact in pretty well every area of my world. How has blogging changed my life? Take Emma of 10 years ago for example. I was happily settling into married life in a country that has a myriad of small, and at times unsettling differences in culture, the honeymoon period of living in London… View Post

A decade ago, I stood in front of family and friends in a beautiful dress to vow that I would ‘have and to hold’ the English bloke that managed to steal my heart. Time has flown by so fast, that before we know it, it’s already our 10 year wedding anniversary.