Parents-in-law: introducing my Northern out-laws

Surviving childhoods living in the war torn town of Grimsby during World War Two, making sure my trawler-brawler husband and his brother safely weathered thousands of childhood fracas and laughing through marriage for more than 50 years, my mother and father-in-law are the wonders of my British world. When the team at Work the World asked me who my unsung heroes are (and deserved to be sent a Fortnum & Mason hamper on our behalf),… View Post

10 things you must do in London this Christmas

London is one of my favorite cities to spend Christmas in. Whether it snows or dawns a clear blue sky there is something magical in December days spent under strings of fairy lights. After years living in England’s capital city, I’ve realised we’ve unintentionally created a host of traditions. These apply any where in the world, but they always say ‘write about what you know…’ As an early Christmas present, the image for this post… View Post

Liebster Blog Award: Round 2

Blogger love is the best kind. Cheerful, no-strings attached and heart warming on a rainy day. The Liebster Blog Awards are just that, cheerful, no-strings attached and heart warming nominations of the blogger-world. The second time I’ve been nominated, it’s by sweet Sam at Globetrotter Postcards, a recent Australian transplant to London-town. Sam has travelled the world, has one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and is currently finding her feet in the crazy… View Post

Matsuri, Teppanyaki in St James.

To my Western eyes, everything the Japanese do seems to have an air of Eastern mysticism surrounding it. From ethereal temples curling to the sky to kimono-clad geisha girls, Cos-playing Harajuku kids to Wasabi flavoured Kitkats.   Their cuisine is no different, and whilst travelling through Japan what struck us the most was the delicacy of unusual dishes and regional differences in flavouring. It’s fairly obvious that Sushi is the most infamous Japanese dish, but Katsu Curry and… View Post

London, a Christmas Wonderland (+ Expat to Expat)

London celebrates Christmas and the festive season wonderfully. December, in England’s capital, is encrusted with beautiful street light displays, pine bough covered store fronts, carollers echoing on train station platforms and the smell of mulled wine seductively wafting from open pub doors full of chatter.      Every street has an individual character of twinkling decorations and many have over the top window displays, perfect for the season of excessive enjoyment. Some even have pedalo operators dressed as Santa, playing 40s… View Post