I love the zany and the quirky, so it’s probably no surprise that of my favourite London pasttimes is going to immersive theatre. I’ve now been to Gingerline productions 4 times, and I’m not sure that… View Post

Our first hotel in Bucharest kind of reminded me of a (metaphorical) Mills & Boon romance novel. The luxurious 5-star Bucharest Grand Continental Hotel was all sweet curlicues, wistful drapery, very French inspired faded chic and… View Post

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside,  especially when you’re cozily tucked away from the rain and enjoying a brunch feast. This weekend in particular a few of us gathered at Aqua Kyoto to… View Post

Despite my blog name, I’m not actually all that adventurous. Think more suburban adventure rather than skydiving or wild camping. But, over the years I have ended up overcoming a few challenges that I hadn’t… View Post

Only a stone’s throw from beautiful Kensington Palace, the Baglioni Hotel is all marble floors and glamorous setting – the perfect place to spend a few hours with good people. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the… View Post