• Thoughts on a Second Lockdown in the UK

    It’s only the first day, but this second lockdown in the UK feels so different. I guess because we’ve been through one already in some ways, we’ve got some idea of what to expect.


    My Dearest London, I feel like I’ve said why I live in London a hundred different times and in a hundred different ways. After all this time I utterly adore you. Even when you drive me crazy. It’s all your fault that I’ve felt compelled to write this London love letter. After exclaiming at my British accent (for some reason I seem to be at pains to tell people I am of antipodean origin) people… View Post

    Dessert Porridge Recipes | Luxing Up Winter Breakfasts

    I love porridge. Quick, hot and filling, it’s perfect for winter mornings, especially those spent trekking through the snow. We have dessert porridge recipes that we keep in heavy rotation each winter, stepping our winter breakfasts up a notch. Because let’s be honest, porridge (or oatmeal if you’re speaking American) can be a little beige on it’s own – lacking interest and at times tasting of wallpaper paste. You can add brown sugar, berry coulis or… View Post

    The Belfry Hotel and Resort | Birmingham

    Because this is a safe, honest corner of the internet, I’m going to level with you. I didn’t quite realise just how special The Belfry Hotel and Resort was until my husband and brother-in-law found out where we were going for a girls weekend. [Disclosure: we were guests of the Belfry but all argyle diamond knitwear clad enthusings are very much my own.]     The Belfry is an award-winning hotel and resort with a modern spa… View Post

    What To Do In Bilbao: 48-Hours of Art and Pintxos

    It’s so hard to convey how much you enjoyed a city, and marry that up with keywords like ‘what to do in Bilbao’ so that Google actually presents your post to people who are looking for exactly that. So one types convoluted sentences like the above, and then delves back into the images to wander down memory lane…  It’s not an action packed city with hundreds of typical touristy things to do, but one where… View Post