• The Laundry Brixton | Review

    There isn’t anything so delightful as sitting with a friend in sunshine, with a glass of rosé in hand – and it’s one of the things we all missed so much during lockdown. Since it opened The Laundry, Brixton has been right at the top of my ‘to visit’ list, so much so, that it’s the first place that I wanted to go when lockdown began to ease. The scene was perfect – sun out, terrace… View Post

    10 Quirky Day Trips From London (That you can easily turn into weekends away)

    People often worry that to be a travel blogger they have to jet off to all corners of the world every weekend or they won’t have enough content. Well, to that I say phooey. There are so many amazing quirky day trips from London that you can take in England (even turning them into leisurely weekends away.) This isle has wizards, giants, knights, princes, castles, Raven warders and ancient stories that never cease to amaze. It… View Post

    Home Dining by Corbin and King

    An intriguing twist in life lately, has been bringing restaurants into our home instead of dining out. For months there has been no going out to eat but trying alternatives like the recently launched home dining by Corbin and King, which was delivered to us. [Disclosure: I was given these meals by Corbin and King but all opinions are very much my own.] We were delighted to peruse the menu with signature dishes from the Wolseley (a… View Post

    3 Years Running My Own Business | Highs and Lows

    When I launched myself into self-employment 3 years ago, I genuinely had no idea whether it would work or not. I had no inkling that I’d spend more than 3 years running my own business successfully. Cheers to many many more! So, hearing my friend’s words ringing in my head about actually celebrating milestones, we broke out the bubbly for a leisurely break between emails.

    If We Were Having Coffee | June Picnics

    If we were having a coffee, it would probably be part of a ‘socially distanced’ picnic in London, because that was absolutely the highlight of June. Well, if I’m honest, March and April as well really. We lost our little Biscuit this month, and she has left a Tabby shaped hole in our hearts. June 2020 will always make me think of paint fumes. Aside from sleeping, working and reading, all we’ve really done is… View Post