“Oh, no, really? You can’t possibly take all of that in that tiny backpack. Love, you need to take a cabin case. Or take one of the bigger cases.” – Mr Kiwi watching me pack most of my trips. Now because I’m in love with the Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case, that conversation isn’t necessary at all… marital travel bliss recalibrated. Disclaimer: The Travel Hack kindly gifted me the Pro Cabin Case (affiliate link). I took… View Post

We tumbled out of our cab like thirsty gazelles, doe-eyed and excited to be leaving London for the day. We were having lunch at Coworth Park with one of our favourite people in the world – that fabulous Sophia, accompanied by her Mum, Polly, the English rose who has transplanted herself to the desert sands of Doha. We get to see them whenever we sneak over to their corner of the Middle East, or more often… View Post

It was 37°C. Our faces were practically melting off in the unusual summer heatwave across Europe, and we’d already spent the morning climbing via cable car 1,320m up the Untersberg Mountain, so we headed for Hellbrunn Palace with its trick fountains Hellbrunn Palace is an early Baroque villa of palatial size, near Morzg, a southern district of the city of Salzburg, Austria. It was built in 1613–19 by Markus Sittikus von Hohenems, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, and named… View Post

It is well-documented that Kiwis are a little obsessed with a crazy little thing called brunch. Some might almost accuse us of an almost cultish obsession with the in-between meal worshipped mainly on the weekends at home and here in London. I get teased for a seemingly never-ending string of weekend blates, but as a nation we simply revel in the meal where eggs, cocktails, burgers, dessert and well poured Flat Whites share the same… View Post

During our week in Salzburg, we decided that a couple of nights in an Austrian lake retreat was in order – we just wanted a little peace and quiet in an out-of-the-way nook. Furiously Google researching before we left, I hatched a plan to hop on the coaches that serve the towns dotted around Austria, and after boarding we merrily watched the countryside gradually change before our eyes over the 45-minute journey.