• What To Do In Bilbao: 48-Hours of Art and Pintxos

    It’s so hard to convey how much you enjoyed a city, and marry that up with keywords like ‘what to do in Bilbao’ so that Google actually presents your post to people who are looking for exactly that. So one types convoluted sentences like the above, and then delves back into the images to wander down memory lane…  It’s not an action packed city with hundreds of typical touristy things to do, but one where… View Post

    The Pink Afternoon Tea at Ting in the Shangri-La London

    The incredible Pink Afternoon Tea at Ting in the Shangri-La London has been inspired by the journeys of four incredible women, Gina, Maggie, Mandy and Michele, who received breast cancer treatment at Guy’s Cancer. [Disclosure: we were guests of the Shangri-La London hotel but all enthusings are very much my own.] I wanted to begin the review with their stories – this wonderful afternoon tea is as delicious and luxurious as befits a Shangri-La creation – but as someone… View Post

    Luxury Hotel in East London: Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green

    It was a grey old day in London, one of those ones where the leeching rain gets under your collar and into your bones – but actually, we didn’t care. Splashing through the pavement puddles, we were bound for a luxury boutique hotel in East London – the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. I have to come clean – I’d forgotten that I had booked this Friday night stay in – I’d booked it… View Post

    Frog by Adam Handling | Restaurant Review

    There is nothing sweeter than a leisurely weekday lunch – it’s one of the joys of running my own business. It’s even more delicious on a Monday with friends – a state of enjoyment which led neatly to this Frog by Adam Handling restaurant review. Before I begin, just let me utter the words Chicken Butter. Mmmmmmm. This wasn’t our first visit to the Frog, but the first that I wasn’t so distracted by the… View Post

    Quick Slowcooker Pumpkin Soup Recipe

    This quick slowcooker pumpkin soup recipe warms you from your toes, to the top of your head. Homey and soft, it’s one of my absoloute favourite things to cook in autumn & winter. Oh, and it’s the perfect way to use up those Halloween pumpkin innards. It’s healthy too – you don’t need to add any cream or cheese – though it is scumptious if you to want to take a walk on the wild… View Post