Even if you don’t know the words to the Sound of Music or Falco’s epic 80s classic hit ‘Rock Me Amadeus’, you need to explore Salzburg for at least a long weekend at least once in your life. Most people roll up to this city for a day or so, hit up the tourist highlights and then disappear into another European country. The green waters of the Rhine shimmer through the centre of Salzburg, there is… View Post

Raspberry custard Brioche. Raspberry custard brioche. These three words wormed their way into my London brunch list, fast-tracking Hide Restaurant to the top of my ‘must try’ list (yes, I do have one, and it’s separated into brunch/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner, isn’t yours?) and the hype more than lived up to the flaky, buttery pastry promise. Perhaps the most raved about restaurant interior design in years, Hide is really rather glorious.

Recently, I slept for 8 hours of a 12-hour flight. In economy. Want to know how I get so much sleep on long haul flights?    And, this is without voodoo, black magic, drugs or the travel version of rain dancing.

Weddings are magical – and even more so when they are held in a castle that’s nestled in the peaceful Scottish countryside. Glenskirlie House and Castle was the venue for a good friend’s wedding recently – and we celebrated the joining of their two families in an age-old handfasting that went on into the wee hours. (In total honesty I didn’t last all the way into the wee hours when the shots were broken out,… View Post

Around a decade ago, at this time of year Mr Kiwi and I were hunting for venues to get married in.  With the legalities being carried out in the beautiful Marylebone Town Hall, a celebration drink in the lovely Landmark hotel and dinner in the restaurant that we were meant to have our first date in, we wanted to find a Lincolnshire church that was close to our hearts. One of the reasons why I came… View Post