• One of the best walks in London | Chelsea to Marylebone Station

    Once upon a time, a young kiwi lass moved to one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Fast forward more than a decade, and she still takes the time to stroll some of the best walks in London, breathing in the wonder of the city, wandering along the smaller side roads, marvelling at the history they hold. This Kiwi, she [will subequently switch to a first person narrative voice, don’t worry] often skips… View Post

    Where would I go if I won the lottery? | AD

    Honestly, when asked where would I go if I won the lottery, the answer is more where wouldn’t I go. But. I’ve managed to rein myself in and only pick 5 destinations that I’d angle my private jet towards (to start with.) Disclosure: this post of travel destinations for people who won the lottery jackpot was commissioned by Lotto land, but all wanderlusting thoughts are very much my own.   I’ve been so lucky to explore… View Post

    5 London Restaurant Boxes I have loved (and a dessert bonus)

    Throughout the pandemic, restaurants have had to pivot and many have been offering dine-at-home options – and the Mr and I have absolutely delighted in trying them. From this testing, I thought I’d gather together my top 5 London restaurant boxes that deliver nationwide. (We’ve also been supporting local restaurants, but you probably don’t live in my neighbourhood so recommendations would be pointless…) I suspect many places will continue doing this into the future; I’m… View Post

    [Almost] Visiting Arundel Castle

    I love castles. There’s something so magical about those majestic crenellations, the layers of history imbuing every stone and even the impractical draughty winding turrets (not to mention those gift schrubberies demanded by maraudering Knights*.) Sorry, I digress. Castles, yes, castles, this is a tale of how we spent an afternoon almost visiting Arundel Castle. There’s an old adage about treasuring the journey as well as the destination, and it was so true when we… View Post

    Virtual Cheese Tasting with Paxton and Whitfield

    Whilst it’s not the same as in-person, I’ve actually loved trying out all kinds of online events over the last few months; quizzes, games, comedy events and music gigs. But, top of the list has to be the virtual cheese tasting with Paxton and Whitfield. Disclosure: this tasting was given to us courtesy of Paxton and Whitfield, but all fromage excitement is completely my own. Now I already love Paxton and Whitfield. I love popping in… View Post