• The Landmark London | An Exquisite Afternoon Tea in London

    There’s always something magical about taking afternoon tea in London – especially when it’s a birthday surprise organised by your husband – and even more so when it’s at the Landmark London Hotel. It was a beautifully sunny afternoon that we slipped through the beautiful entrance, 

    Latvia – A Journey by Plate (Includes 2 Tasty Recipes) | AD

    Follow me… we’re taking a journey by plate and this time we’re off to Latvia, a country situated on the Baltic Sea. [Disclosure: this post is part of a paid partnership with Latvia Travel and Traverse Events.] Three of my greatest passions in life go hand in hand; food, travel and storytelling. I’ve gone to ridiculous lengths of the years for delicious meals – nipped over to Paris for lunch, traipsed to 3 countries for 3 meals (well, I… View Post

    The Social Media Tini – Teaching Small Businesses and Influencers how to improve their Social Media

    You know how in my day job I’m a freelance social media manager? Well, I’ve co-launched The Social Media Tini, an ongoing series of masterclasses and services teaching small businesses and influencers how to improve their social media channels. [AD for me, obvs.] Binny and I have combined our extensive experience as freelance social media managers and added a dash of style and a splash of humour, removing all the dry and boring advice that… View Post

    My Travel Wishlist for 2021 – Travel Linkup

    Goodness gracious me, it’s that part of the year again already. The time for looking back, taking stock of the present and writing my travel wishlist for 2021. It’s also the time of year to be confused about exactly what year it is, but I digress.  Travel has never been a race for me – I’ve always picked destinations on my own terms, and for my own reasons (more often than not, it’s the history… View Post

    12 Months and 12 Photos – A 2020 Retrospective

    What a year. Honestly. It’s been a stressful year for everyone, where the simple pleasures in life have become so much more important. I was inspired by Tanja to put together this 12 Months and 12 Photos – a 2020 retrospective as a journal of a tulumtuous year that has affected so many.