Books to Read: A to Z Edition [Affiliate]

I have a bad habit. A rather terrible habit that drives Mr Kiwi pretty crazy – I’m one of the biggest bookworms I know – and believe me, I know a few. So I thought I’d pop together this ‘books to read’ list A to Z edition, because who doesn’t love a list! Disclosure: post contains affiliate links – but is no extra cost to you. You’re thinking, “that’s not such a bad habit it’s not illegal,… View Post

9 fantasy books perfect for a little escapism

I don’t know about you, but this seems like the perfect time to curl up with a few stories of magic, mysticism and lands beyond our wildest dreams. These 9 fantasy books perfect for a little escapism might just be what you need – I know I’ve pulled them out again for a second (or third) read. Disclosure: post contains affiliate links – but is no extra cost to you. I loved these 9 fantasy… View Post

12 books you must read as a freelancer or small business owner

If you’re setting up a small, creative business, if you’re wanting to launch a side hustle and freelance or if you just want to upskill in your fulltime job or business, these are must-read books. If you have friends or family who are unhappy in their current jobs or even their current lives, give them a couple of these books as a present. They’ve all been inspirations, lifesavers and signposts for me at different points as… View Post

Books about Town – London Literary Art Installations

Literary history saturates every single stone of London; exotic tales of mystery, shrewish wives harping on at their no-good husbands, matchgirls standing in Christmas snow and an early TARDIS sighting in an East End work yard. Wandering around London of late I happened to glimpse some lawn furniture with a slight difference to the standard wicker and PVC set ups. These were spotted from the top floor of a double decker, around the corner of tube… View Post

5 books that have surprised me

When you read a lot (and I mean a lot – all that time criss-crossing London going from brunch to afternoon tea to dinner review takes up many delicious hours of book-lost travelling) you often find yourself becoming jaded. Character arcs seem cliched, love matches have to be triangular and the denouement can be as flat as a pancake. Thankfully, every so often a story will come along and set your imagination on fire again.… View Post