Dessert Porridge Recipes | Luxing Up Winter Breakfasts

I love porridge. Quick, hot and filling, it’s perfect for winter mornings, especially those spent trekking through the snow. We have dessert porridge recipes that we keep in heavy rotation each winter, stepping our winter breakfasts up a notch. Because let’s be honest, porridge (or oatmeal if you’re speaking American) can be a little beige on it’s own – lacking interest and at times tasting of wallpaper paste. You can add brown sugar, berry coulis or… View Post

The Best Hotel Breakfasts In The World (So Far)

Like the brunch queen I am, I couldn’t help myself and put together a list of the best hotel breakfasts we have enjoyed so far around the world – they say “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” and I can’t help but agree. These are all favourites for a myriad of reasons – and every single hotel that we stayed in and listed, has excellent coffee and was… View Post

Celeste at the Lanesborough Hotel | Breakfast Review

The beautiful Celeste at the Lanesborough Hotel. A Michelin-starred restaurant that ‘honours British heritage and provenance with modern European creativity’.  We jokingly said that it’s like dining in the British Museum, it is just so gorgeous.

Breakfast Cake. Oh yeah, you read that right – Cake for Breakfast.

Fat free, sugar free, gluten free (depending on the ingredients you use obviously…). Quick, healthy, easy and fully customisable cake for breakfast. You’re not going to believe me…   I, and many of my friends love cake, that’s pretty obvious by the plethora of cake that appears on the blog, right? But cake doesn’t necessarily love our hips (or maybe too much – depends on how you look at them I guess). It’s a fact… View Post

Decadent Breakfasts with a side of healthy

I love Breakfast. I’ve found that Toast in the morning/cornflakes/breakfast biscuits don’t really appeal to me (unlike my hubby who eats Weetabix for 6 months daily before getting sick of them).  Holiday Breakfasts are great though – if only I had a maid who could set my brekkie to look like this everyday:  My most often eaten breakfast consists of; Porridge or 2-3 TBSPs of Wheatgerm (giving me my daily fibre fix, and substance to the… View Post