9 things you have to do on a Cologne City Break

Dear planning shy travellers, Cologne in Germany is the perfect destination for a long weekend city break. (Nb: I write Cologne, Germany to ensure that the whole London/Tower Bridge confusion doesn’t happen – years and years ago an American millionaire thought he’d bought the beautiful Tower Bridge, but actually bought the rather more plain London Bridge and transported every stone all the way to the desert in the US…)

A Surprise Break with WowTrip to Cologne, Germany

I simultaneously adore and loathe surprises. WowTrip wanted to send a group of us travel addicts bloggers to a surprise holiday destination, and I was curious to see how I as a type-A organiser would cope with it. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of WowTrip but my images and words are all very much my own. It couldn’t have been easier – we selected a date we could all do, sent over our passport & contact details and let… View Post

Flight Delays: A Tale of Airport Frustration | Sponsored by MyFlyRight AD

Flight delays and cancellations – they’re the worst way to start and end much looked-forward-to trips. Disclosure: This post was commissioned by MYFLYRIGHT who help travellers who have had flights in the EU delayed or cancelled to claim compensation. Tap tap-tap. After a long weekend exploring Cologne, we were all pretty tired. Some of our group had flown back to the UK a bit earlier in the day, landing in Manchester, but we sorry few had rocked… View Post

5 Green Travel Ways to be Sustainable and Eco-friendly as a Travel Addict

Every journey begins with a single step – and if I’m entirely honest, this month’s travel linkup on green travel and being more sustainable was more of a challenge than usual. It’s never been the most important consideration when we’re planning travel – we can definitely do some work on that. We try and do our very best on a human scale; we don’t own a car and use public transport when at home and… View Post


2018 has been full of travel, adventures, bad hairstyles in photos and explorations. My first couple of months were concentrated on building my business and scooting around London (fitting in a few bits of London sightseeing and restaurant visits) before we flew to Romania for a week to explore the Transylvanian castles and political history of Bucharest. I fitted in a cheeky solo beach break in Bournemouth in the middle of a busy project, I explored… View Post