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    5 Quick Ways To Transform Your Garden | Ad

    With the glorious weather at the moment, we’ve been spending so much more time in our garden – and working our way through really improving it. I wanted to share these 5 quick ways to transform your garden – ideas to let your personality really shine through and bring in touches of your favourite travel destinations – no matter what size it is. Disclosure: this garden guide was comissioned by Grass Direct, purveyors of cheap artificial grass, but all ideas are very much my own.

    5 Ways to Quickly Transform Your Garden

    I’ve scoured Pinterest for hours, created all kinds of garden layouts on online software and had many many a conversation with Mr Kiwi about what we wanted to do with our little corner of the world – and some of the loveliest moments in our garden have come from really simple design ideas.

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    An Alternative City Guide to Birmingham | AD

    The words that come to mind when I think of Birmingham are chocolate, industrial architecture, cats, Ozzy Osbourne and alchemy. Potentially the most random combination that I can conjure, but that can the joy of exploring less touristy destinations. Disclosure: this alternative city guide to Birmingham was commissioned by to showcase booking in at the Birmingham airport hotel, but all random adventures are very much my own (you’ll see).

    Alternative City Guide to Birmingham

    Something people say to me all the time is ‘I bet you’ve been everywhere in England… I’ve never really explored that much of the UK and it’s such a shame’, and honestly, I agree. England is such a diverse patchwork of villages, towns and cities – and the history is second to none.

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    Aqua Nueva Review | A Taste of Spanish Sunshine | AD

    Honestly, there is nothing worse than British rain in the dead of winter. It feels like all of the joy in the world has been leeched out – and that’s before the chilly wetness gets into your bones (and under your collar. Yeech.) As well as booking flights for a sunshine holiday, when an invite landed in my inbox to try the a la carte menu at Aqua Nueva, you know I hightailed it to Oxford Circus (quicker than those ice-cold droplets can wriggle beneath my favourite scarf). All thoughts and Patatas Bravas obsessions are very much my own as ever.


    But, even better, I’m working with Aqua and we are running a competition to give the winner (hopefully you!) & 3 (of your) friends the chance for some Spanish sunshine – all without having to find your passports and pack your suitcase. Read on….

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    The Ultimate London Bucket List | Insiders Edition | Sponsored by Keith Prowse

    Over the years I’ve made it a mission to explore as many unique London nooks and crannies as I can, and yet I’ve never actually put them altogether and written an ultimate London bucket list. So, without further ado – or more fluffy pre-amble – here it is! Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Keith Prowse, the official hospitality provider for many iconic venues and stadiums across the country including Wimbledon hospitality 2020.


    Living in London long-term is a fascinating window into the eccentricities of British history. Buildings that have survived more than 10 generations of human stories, streets that echo the rambling paths of underwater riverbanks, rolling acres of grassy parks and the delicious smells of a melting pot that is London cuisine. History books be damned, this city is alive with the most incredible tales.

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    Fresh Meals At Home with HelloFresh | Sponsored

    Meal planning. It’s not the sexiest of topics, but with dinner occurring every single day, it’s certainly a oft discussed one in our house. Disclosure: This post about fresh meals at home was commissioned by HelloFresh but all thoughts are very much our own. We’ve been customers of theirs in the past and it was lovely to revisit their service to see just how the company has developed.

    Fast Meals At Home Hello Fresh

    *Cat not included in subscriptions

    There’s a brilliant meme that made the rounds while ago, that said married life is nothing more than endless texts of ‘what do you fancy for dinner?’ ‘Not sure. What do you fancy?” In our house add “It’s your turn to pick!” “but I picked the… other day…” It’s so, so true.

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