This month for the travel linkup we’re talking all things take-aways; souvenirs, lessons, that sort of metaphysical meandering. But, I’m going to go a little more literal. Travel Takeaways. As in actual foods, usually found in cartons, that have been spoilt by visiting their country of origin or somewhere that really surprised us. It’s the gourmet equivalent of meeting your heroes, and once you start travelling you’ll always look back on amazing food that you… View Post

5 of the best things to do in Los …

5 of the best things to do in Los Angeles (Guest post)

Having written off LA as a noisy, polluted, boring city, Mr Kiwi and I were won over by my lovely (IRL) friend Emily who convinced us that LA is a brilliant city that needed to be explored. Giving us loads of tips, a shed load of recommendations and a starry eyed appreciation for this tinseltown I also convinced her to make her blog debut with a few of her recommendations… ————————————————————- 5 of the best… View Post

The City of Angels, guitars, beach sidewalks and …

The City of Angels, guitars, beach sidewalks and Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles, the city of angels, thrums with grit, glitz and glamour. Infamous for the celebrities who flock towards the fame-inducing hills (and a magnet for wanna-be actors determined to fill in the hours between waitressing jobs, or so I’m told), we found the streets hummed with music. Not the tribal sounds of hand drums, the energy of flamenco guitars or dreamy European accordians on a cobbled lane, but a raw rock sound that tantalized… View Post

Hotel California, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hotel California, Hollywood, Los Angeles

On a dark desert highway, cold wind in our hair We zipped and threaded our way through a mismatch of traffic. Fashionably sleek convertibles shared the road with dusty pick-up trucks, people-mover mom-mobiles swapped lanes with small busses. The warm smell of colitas rising up through the air and a dusty, piquant smell whispered through the windows of our ride from Los Angeles airport – we simply couldn’t wait to shake off the gross feeling… View Post