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    Hiroshima, Japan #travelthursdays

    When we were in Japan, tripping around Tokyo & Kyoto with a week-long Shinkansen pass we couldn’t waste the opportunity to visit the small but infamous Japanese town of Hiroshima, and learn about the devastation caused.


    The sad story of Sadako and her thousand Cranes.



    I have to be honest, I wasn’t certain about going as I’m ultimately a chicken and prone to being affected deeply by stories of war, but I’m so glad we did. It’s somewhere that we never thought we’d see – an otherwise unremarkable Japanese town that will be forever known because it had the misfortune to have clear weather the day that a nuclear bomb was to be dropped.


    Innocent people are the ones most hurt in war. 140,000 souls died and the epitaph, museum and peace park are moving testament to these people.

    The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is located in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, in central Hiroshima, Japan. It was established in August 1955 with the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hall (now the International Conference Center Hiroshima). The museum exhibit presents the facts of the atomic bombing, with the aims of contributing to the abolition of nuclear weapons throughout the world, and of promoting world peace.

    The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

    The Peace Flame was first lit in 1964 and still aflame to date. The mission is to have it remain lit until all the nuclear bombs in the world is destroyed and humanity is free from any nuclear treats.


    Where have you visited that left a mark on your heart in unexpected ways?

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    Kyoto, Japan – #travelthursdays

    For us, Japan was a country of two halves (oh, and they’re getting pretty good at rugby) the old, beautiful traditions and a new modern world adapting itself to the future. It’s all the more amazing for how easily they seem to meld the two.




    For us it was the most apparent in our friends newly built home – having a  traditional Tatami mat room (the majority of the family played, read, slept and relaxed there) in addition to the Western style dining room and heated toilet seats which fascinated us endlessly.

    Kyoto is a beautiful city, full of the wonderful nooks and crannies I especially love, perfect for losing more than a few afternoons down it’s markets and temples…

    (stopping for the all important fuel of a snack)

    in bendy-windy and steep Old Town shopping and dining.

    Don’t the hills in the background look just like painted porcelain?


    This a great example of the dichotomy which so struck me.

    We spent over 10 days exploring, catching up with friends, celebrating our 3rd Christmas Day with expat friends and then a proper Japanese New Year (with a few side trips) before heading to Tokyo, and had the feeling that we had only tasted a tiny iota of it’s charm.

    I also definitely approve of their Karaoke selection – who knew!


    Tokyo – A walk through time and culture

    I actually can’t convey in words how much I adored Japan, and especially Tokyo. It’s a country with an incredibly unique way of life and view of the world. It is the most exotic place I’ve ever had the luck to travel to, and as soon as we got there, we were planning our return trip.

    Fast, eclectic, and exciting mix of innovative technology, and brimming with age old traditions, Tokyo was simply a place that I could go back again and again.

    I can’t quite put my finger on what it was that I fell in love with, but almost everyone that I know who has been to Japan is exactly the same.

    We visited several cities; Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Mt Fuji herself but there are so many more places I want to see.

    Anyone fancy sending your roving reporter back? I will make Lolly Cake for you…

    Where have you travelled to that stole your breath?