That time we went out for brunch and …

That time we went out for brunch and accidentally hiked the Rangitoto volcano crater

Nothing seems to surprise my husband anymore. I must come out with ridiculous scenarios so regularly now, he doesn’t even lift an eyebrow. Case in point, when I video called him from New Zealand. (He knew I was in NZ by the way, my whereabouts haven’t become that surprising. Yet.) “How was your day?” ‘Good thanks, we went out for brunch with Ginni and Alice, and then hiked up a volcano crater.’ “That’s nice dear.… View Post

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

We drifted silently through a pitch black cave on a boat we hadn’t seen except for swift flashes of a torch. One by one as the luminescent cave dwellers winked on, the ceiling began to resemble a galaxy of twinkling stars. Still sat with arms clutched tightly and our necks craned as we tried to absorb the moment, floating along a 30 million year old subterranean limestone grotto.  Our escort hand pulled us along the… View Post

Christmas & New Year, Kiwi-style

Christmas & New Year, Kiwi-style

Forget that it’s already a month after Christmas. Ignore the fact that New Years Eve has been and gone. Overlook the fact that blogs are meant to be on-topic reflections of all that is trendy (which probably isn’t my dowdy forte at the best of times). Consider it a suspension of disbelief that I’m such a tardy blogger. Let me take you back a few weeks, to a time far sunnier and entirely upside down… View Post

Travel Contrasts – The East and West Coasts of …

Travel Contrasts – The East and West Coasts of New Zealand – #travellinkup

We stood, transfixed as the waves tumbled from glass rumbles to lace froth. A lone seagull dipped and wove through eddies of unseen air currents. The sunshine shimmered through breathtaking blue skies. Winter seemed like a distant thought, rather than close on the heels of our New Zealand Autumn. A day (or 30 hours later to be precise) we landed back in amongst the silver skyscrapers of London. Living in New Zealand, no one is… View Post

New Zealand, Lord of the Rings and confessions …

New Zealand, Lord of the Rings and confessions of a guilty expat

The most I had ever seen of New Zealand’s South Island was in Lord of the Rings movies. There, I said it, my guilty secret. For all the world that I’ve been lucky enough to travel, I’ve carried a skeleton in my travel wishlist with me that made me ashamed to call myself a New Zealander. Most Brits that I’ve met remark on how Kiwis and Aussies on their OE have explored more of the… View Post