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    9 reasons why you should road trip around Corfu | Sponsored By EasyTerra

    The flexibility of hiring a car in a new travel destination is utterly freeing, especially on an island that’s as wild and beautiful as Corfu. The azure skies, golden beaches, ancient architecture, jaw-dropping corners and friendly locals are all excellent reasons as to why you should roadtrip around Corfu. Disclaimer: This post was commissioned by EasyTerra who make it super straightforward to compare and hire a car in Greece, not to mention other countries around the world.

    9 reasons to roadtrip around Corfu Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Over the years I’ve have roadtripped around several countries; New Zealand, France, America, Scotland and Belgium to name but a few, but this trip was a little bit different. I was on a girls weekend with the fantabulous Jess and Kara; lovers of architecture, history, baklava, sunshine and singing power ballads.

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    The best things to do in Corfu

    3 things inspired our ladies long weekend on the Greek island of Corfu; a keening for off-season sunshine, a childhood full of ancient myths, and, well, Instagram – let’s keep things properly millennial and real here. Whilst we were there, we visited some really interesting corners and coves of the island – inspiring this list of the best things to do in Corfu (a much-requested travel blog post!)

    Things to do in Corfu Greece Adventures of a London Kiwi

    When you slip around hairpin corners to jaw-dropping cliffside views, you understand just how ancient myths and fables were inspired by this wild beauty and used to explain the world around the generations of ancient settlers. Or, perhaps I’m just being fanciful.

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