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    Barcelona, Spain – Sangria, sunshine and the Sagrada Familia

    Founded by Hercules, (or Hamilcar Barca depending on who you ask) is a city with a rich cultural footprint and by and large, great weather. We have just returned from a 4-day city break there, enjoying exploring it’s twists and turns.

    Favourite memories include;

    Sun, Siestas, Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Spanglish, Views, The Mediterranian, Unplanned Picnics, Chess!?, Sangria, Monasteries above the clouds, Paella, Gothic Architecture, Flan and more sunshine.


    Cultural Differences


    One of the downsides to living in London – the amazing weather elsewhere in the world;

    We’ve gone from sitting this morning in an 11th Century Catalonian Mountain Monastery under a cloudless blue sky in 26°C sunshine…


    to 10°C rain. Welcome back to London.