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    Aqua Nueva Review | A Taste of Spanish Sunshine | AD

    Honestly, there is nothing worse than British rain in the dead of winter. It feels like all of the joy in the world has been leeched out – and that’s before the chilly wetness gets into your bones (and under your collar. Yeech.) As well as booking flights for a sunshine holiday, when an invite landed in my inbox to try the a la carte menu at Aqua Nueva, you know I hightailed it to Oxford Circus (quicker than those ice-cold droplets can wriggle beneath my favourite scarf). All thoughts and Patatas Bravas obsessions are very much my own as ever.


    But, even better, I’m working with Aqua and we are running a competition to give the winner (hopefully you!) & 3 (of your) friends the chance for some Spanish sunshine – all without having to find your passports and pack your suitcase. Read on….

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    10 of the best cat cafes in the world

    I have a confession to make. I have a full blown cat addiction, and, I’m not even sorry. Those soft little ears, twitching tails and indifferent faces cast a spell that have us dashing around the globe and visiting enough cat cafes to have a shortlist of 10 of the best cat cafes in the world. All the while a sleepy little tabby cat snoozes at home in London…

    The Best Places Long Weekend in Budapest Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Once we’ve booked flights and perused hotels, Google searching for a cat cafe is one of the first things I do – and I’ve been accused of carrying out those 3 tasks in a slightly different order. It’s something I can neither confirm nor deny, but we do have a rather high hit rate of booking accommodation close to cat cafes. I’ll just leave that there, shall I?

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    A long weekend in Valencia [Travel Linkup]

    Some of the moments that spark joy when travelling are hard earned and some are just ripe for the taking. Our long weekend in Valencia was as easy as twisting a ripe orange from a laden bough.

    Valencia Long Weekend Adventures of a London Kiwi

    It began on a cold winter evening, perusing a list of winter sun destinations and within 15 minutes of finding a date both Binny and I could do, we booked the flights and started flicking through the lists of hotels and apartments. 

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    72 hours in Gibraltar – Sunshine, Rock Stars and Monkeys

    We booked our 72 hours in Gibraltar without any expectations. If I’m entirely honest, I didn’t know very much about Gibraltar other than the history as a disputed territory, that there are a lot of monkeys, it has a huge rock and it’s a perfect place to catch some winter sun.

    Gibraltar Short Break Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I’m becoming more of a spontaneous traveller – my friend and I booked the destination on a whim, and that ended up being the theme of the trip.

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