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    The Best Hotel Breakfasts In The World (So Far)

    Like the brunch queen I am, I couldn’t help myself and put together a list of the best hotel breakfasts we have enjoyed so far around the world – they say “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” and I can’t help but agree. These are all favourites for a myriad of reasons – and every single hotel that we stayed in and listed, has excellent coffee and was part of an adventure.

    Luxury Hotel Cornwall The Scarlet Newquay Adventures of a London Kiwi

    The locations vary from Texas to Cornwall, from Budapest to Gibraltar but all have beautiful food, something special about them, and I would love to revisit every single one of them for retesting purposes.

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    Hotel Review: La Villa K, Saint Louis, France

    There aren’t many hotels that have pulled me away from exploring a town, but the four-star La Villa K Hotel and Spa managed that with aplomb. The night before I flew home from my city break in Basel, I spent an evening in the Alsace town of Saint Louis, 2 meals into my 3 country/3 meal sojourn.

    Hotel Review La Villa K Saint Louis Alsace France Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: My trip was supported by the Alsace tourism board (thank you!) but all relaxation enjoyment is very much all my own!

    Slipping straight off the tram that darts between Basel, Switzerland and Saint-Louis, France (the number 3) I strolled through the Saint-Louis street fair, one my way to La Villa K Hotel & Spa.

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    The Secrets of Saint-Louis, France

    I’ve got a secret to tell you. Come close, come closer. Come even closer. Basel (or EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg to give its full name) airport isn’t in Switzerland. In fact it’s in Saint Louis, France, a town in the Alsace region – and a 20-minute bus ride takes visitors over the international border.

    Secrets of Saint-Louis France Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: My trip was supported by the Alsace tourism board (thank you!) but all random art theories are very much all my own!

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    Travel Bucketlist Goals: 3 meals, 3 countries, 1 day

    For the longest of stretch of time, I’ve wanted to have 3 meals in 3 countries in a single day. There’s an air of romance about being able to slip between nations in search of delicious food, and the ability to pop between Switzerland, France and Germany was simply too hard to resist whilst exploring Basel.

    Basel Airport Hotel La Villa K Restaurant La Cave Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: My whole trip was supported by the Basel and Alsace tourism boards (thank you!) but this particular scheme was dreamed up all on my own…

    If I’m being super honest, it was also ridiculously easy. The joy of EU nations having visa waiver agreements meant that all I had to do was look up which modes of transport I’d need to use to hop across the border. Forget the Bonnie and Clyde shenanigans for once…

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    Where to eat in Basel, Switzerland

    On a short trip, one of the hardest aspects for us whilst travelling is finding the best places to eat and drink – but in Basel, this simply isn’t a problem. With over 20 restaurants that have won GaultMillau or Michelin awards within the compact city boundaries, visitors on a city break are simply spoilt for choice.

    Where to eat and drink in Basel Switzerland Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: My hotel and some of my meals were covered by the Basel Tourism board but my (very many) thoughts and enthusiasm are only ever genuinely mine and mine alone.

    And that’s without the possibility of taking a quick trip to France or Germany into consideration – something that I very much took advantage of and managed to slip 3 meals in 3 different countries. But that’s for another blog post…

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