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    Four Seasons Afternoon Tea | The Burlington

    Park Lane is a beautiful place to while away an afternoon, especially when a stand filled with Four Seasons Afternoon Tea delicacies has been gently placed before you. Disclosure: we were guests of the Four Seasons Hotel, but all my musings are very much original.

    Four Seasons Afternoon Tea

    Inspired by the historic halls of the world-famous arcade, Executive Pastry Chef David Oliver has created five bespoke pastries that take you on a sensorial journey, mirroring the visual experience you would have through the jewellery, watch, fragrance, fashion, beauty and housewares boutiques of Burlington Arcade.

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    Nipa Thai at the Royal Lancaster Hotel: Travelling to Thailand by Fork

    I haven’t yet graced the shores of Thailand, but in my dreams it’s a fragrant tropical paradise. One with coral seas and sparkling white beaches where the air is redolent with… massaman curry. Disclosure: We were guests of Nipa Thai, a delicious restaurant in the Royal Lancaster Hotel – it’s always, always a pleasure to dine there. All random musings are mine and mine only as ever.


    Forget the scents of orchids, jasmine, lemongrass, ratchaphruek and lime – I would love the spiced aromas of silkenly tangled tamarind, cinnamon, coconut and kaffir lime to float my way whilst exploring those tropical shorelines. Especially around lunch and dinner times.

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    A London Love Letter From An Incorrigible Expat | Why I Live In London

    My Dearest London,

    I feel like I’ve said why I live in London a hundred different times and in a hundred different ways. After all this time I utterly adore you. Even when you drive me crazy. It’s all your fault.

    Expat Life in London

    After exclaiming at my British accent (for some reason I seem to be at pains to tell people I am of antipodean origin) people always ask me how I ended up living on the other side of the world. It’s a strange combination of a gypsy soul, an obsession for old buildings and the unusual feeling of homecoming on Heathrow tarmac despite never setting foot on English soil before. But the reason for staying is you (plus a bloke and green-eyed cat which are both definitely your fault.) Read more


    Galvin at Windows – Restaurant Review over the London skyline

    In some respects I have a ridiculously long memory: flavours, kindnesses, lyrics to 90s pop songs, houses that have friendly cats. It’s also in respect to restaurants that I fancy visiting. and Galvin at Windows is somewhere that had been on my list for more than an age. 


    We just hadn’t quite gotten around to booking a table, but luckily my Mr Kiwi has an even longer memory than me (or is just more susceptible to hints) so for my birthday, he treated me to a million dollar view over London – and a Michelin starred dinner to boot.

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    If We Were Having Coffee – The Hot Working Edition

    This has been a rollercoaster of a month. For both myself and a lot of the people around me, so if we were having a coffee right now, I suspect we’d be having a White Russian – a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Yum. 

    Pink Roses

    Work is incredibly busy, travel has been fairly non-existent this month if it hasn’t been work-related and I’ve very rarely been peeping my head outside of my front door. Sometimes you just have to.

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