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    If We Were Having Coffee | The March/April Coronavirus Edition

    If we were having coffee, with the peculiar situation that the world is in right now, we would be sitting in our own homes, probably having a catch up over video. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been officially internationally declared a pandemic, we’re all sheltering in our homes to help reduce the infection rate and New Zealand’s Prime Minister offically declared the Easter Bunny a key worker.

    Coronavirus Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Sadly families around the world have been affected by this pandemic and are grieving for their loved ones, nurses and doctors are working incredibly hard to care for people as they fight this virus and the world is flipped on its head. 

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    When it’s all over…

    When I spotted this Q&A on Audrey Louise’s blog, something compelled me to take her lead [inspired by Kezzie originally] and throw my answers in as well about when it’s all over. If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t thought very much about the future.

    Hutong Shard Luxury Restaurant Review Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I’ve always been a very firm proponent of living in the moment (except when it comes to travel plans, it’s always nice to have the next adventure in the making) and with the uncertainty of everything, I’m just sitting tight. Read more


    Saffron Circle Restaurant Review | A Taste of Mumbai in Swiss Cottage

    This Saffron Circle Restaurant Review could almost be summarized in two words: Vada Pao. If you know, you know. I’ve used a few more than two words for this Swiss Cottage restaurant, but all they’re totally worth it. Disclosure: We were invited guests of Saffron Circle, but I’m definitely planning on going back. In fact, I’ve been back for Vada Pao since I did the lunch review and I’m planning to take Mr Kiwi and his family to try those lamb chops… 


    When I was in high school, a family adopted me – I was best friends with their daughter Krebashini – and instead of us lurking on the phone line for an insensible amount of hours (remember when there was only one line of communication in the house?) her Mum got smart and often invited me over after school to do homework. If we’re being honest here, as much as I loved Krebashini, the clincher was 100% how good a cook her Mum was.

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    St Pancras Renaissance Hotel | A Magical Evening Under the Star-Case

    Sometimes as a Londoner you get to experience really special moments that you actually can’t imagine would happen and dining under the incredible sweeping staircase of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel was one of those. Disclosure: we were guests of the hotel, but all thoughts are my own.

    St Pancras Renaissance London

    The beautiful St. Pancras station is one of my favourite places in London – those majestic gothic arches captured my heart many years ago, and the interiors are just as breathtaking.

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    An Alternative City Guide to Birmingham | AD

    The words that come to mind when I think of Birmingham are chocolate, industrial architecture, cats, Ozzy Osbourne and alchemy. Potentially the most random combination that I can conjure, but that can the joy of exploring less touristy destinations. Disclosure: this alternative city guide to Birmingham was commissioned by to showcase booking in at the Birmingham airport hotel, but all random adventures are very much my own (you’ll see).

    Alternative City Guide to Birmingham

    Something people say to me all the time is ‘I bet you’ve been everywhere in England… I’ve never really explored that much of the UK and it’s such a shame’, and honestly, I agree. England is such a diverse patchwork of villages, towns and cities – and the history is second to none.

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