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    Date Scones Recipe | A Kiwi Classic

    Piping hot, fluffy scones with mouth watering nuggets of dates, topped with butter melting into their hot surface. If you keep reading, consider yourself warned that this date scones recipe is addictive – made with simple store cupboard ingredients, they are ridiculously easy and scrumptious. 

    Date Scone Recipe

    Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Date Scones. These, savoury muffins and pikelets (aka “scotch pancakes” for my Brits) are cornerstones of my Kiwi childhood. Memories of the kitchen full of sunshine, the smell of fresh baking and all us kids desperately trying to get hold of the hot delicacies. Now, I’d eat them on their own on a cosy winter afternoon or perhaps sneak them into afternoon tea.

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