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    Date Scones Recipe | A Kiwi Classic

    Piping hot, fluffy scones with mouth watering nuggets of dates, topped with butter melting into their hot surface. If you keep reading, consider yourself warned that this date scones recipe is addictive – made with simple store cupboard ingredients, they are ridiculously easy and scrumptious. 

    Date Scone Recipe

    Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Date Scones. These, savoury muffins and pikelets (aka “scotch pancakes” for my Brits) are cornerstones of my Kiwi childhood. Memories of the kitchen full of sunshine, the smell of fresh baking and all us kids desperately trying to get hold of the hot delicacies. Now, I’d eat them on their own on a cosy winter afternoon or perhaps sneak them into afternoon tea.

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    Anzac Biscuits | A Very Kiwi Recipe

    I’m often asked for examples of classic New Zealand food, and to be honest, I struggle to answer as it’s such a multicultural country. Except for Hangi, Bacon & Egg Pie and maybe Pavlova (let’s not open that Australasian kettle of arguments), ANZAC Biscuits are perhaps one of the most iconic Kiwi recipes. They’re excellent for curing homesickness.

    ANZAC Biscuit Recipe Kiwi Cooking

    Oh, and if you’re looking for a no egg, low flour cookie recipe, you’ve come to the right place. (They’re also super easy to make as gluten-free biscuits.)

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    Gluten-Free Melting Moments Recipe |The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Reveal

    Cookies and biscuits are awesome. Especially when you get to roll out your favourite gluten-free melting moments recipe. However you call them, and whether you roll with the British ‘Biscuits’ or the American ‘Cookie’, they are usually sweet drops of delight and my Mr Kiwi’s kryptonite. Just a side note, American biscuits are a Southern delicacy and are scone-like pillows that mop up Gravy, they’re all good in my book (oooh CrackerBarrel, please open stores in the UK).


    So anyway, upon espying ‘The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap’ I entered my gluten intolerant name into the ring, and awaited my three secret squirrel matches. Alas, us Bloggers entering who were gluten free were few and far between, but on the bright side I was matched up with Aussie expat, mum & gluten-free foodie extraordinaire Meg, who blogs at Meg-Made.

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    Lolly Cake Recipe | A Kiwi Classic

    Fancy a taste that is pure New Zealand indulgence? Bring on the Lolly Cake Recipe.

    Lolly Cake Recipe

    This is a New Zealand institution, and I can almost guarantee that to bring a homesick Kiwi to their knees, or if you want to bribe them into doing something horrendous, make this Lolly Cake recipe. For it to be truly authentic, you need to use Griffins Malt Biscuits and Pascal Eskimo Lollies – but in the UK Malted Milk biscuits and firm Marshmallows/Shrimps can be substituted in times of dire need. But only in life or death situations, you understand.

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    Jaffa Slice Means Christmas – Kiwi cooking

    If you have any space on your no-doubt groaning tables, this has to be found a place. Being from the other side of the world, we love our Roasts at Christmas (in 30°C) but this is one thing (in addition to Christmas Pud, Brandy Cream and Mince Pies) that simply makes me think of Christmas.

    With the counterpoint of the Malt Biscuits, the Coconut and Chocolate Chips make a decadent mouthful, brought together by Condensed Milk & Butter, cut through with the zesty Orange.

    Indulgent, not very healthy, but scrumptious and decadent. Christmas in a mouthful.

    Thank you V.A. Nottle of Tauranga New Zealand. You are a legend.

    Serves up to 24 slices – it is very decadent. Buuuuut, it can sometimes only last 5 mins. You have been warned.

    This pic is sans Icing, as I’m not sure how long the slice will actually last once iced.

    Oh, and did I mention the cooks privileges?



     (I cooked another slice, recipe soon to follow)


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