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    Cucumber and Pea Soup Recipe | Summer Gazpacho

    Whenever it gets over 30°C I start to melt, Wicked Witch style (capital letters fully intended). All I seem to crave is light salads, buckets of iced water and green vegetables. Enter stage left this cucumber and pea soup recipe.

    Cucumber and Pea Soup Recipe

    The other 36°C (that’s almost 100°F!) day I had a fridge/cupboard rummage and it was like  a light bulb went off (not just the fridge light, I mean.) I adore cucumbers – often just slicing them up as a snack, and peas are definitely at the top of my vegetable top 5 (hello sugarsnap/mangetout!) so I decided to combine the two in a twist on a summer gazpacho.

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    15 Lunch Ideas For Working From Home

    On a busy office day, the temptation to remove yet another decision between meetings and grab a boring sandwich and a packet of crisps makes total sense. But, there’s an unfettered joy to be had when you have full access to your own kitchen – these 15 lunch ideas for working from home are some of my favourites.

    15 Lunch Ideas Working From Home

    Did you know that according to research one third of Britons eat the same lunch daily, and half say they have been eating it for six years? Well, forget that old cheese and hamd sandwich – switch them up for one of these simple dishes that you can grab between video calls or a slightly more complicated one that you can pop in the slowcooker the evening before.

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