You know how sometimes you have those moments that you want to hold onto, and make last forever? Sipping Dom Perignon in the summer sunshine with Angie and Binny was definitely one of those recently.… View Post

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside,  especially when you’re cozily tucked away from the rain and enjoying a brunch feast. This weekend in particular a few of us gathered at Aqua Kyoto to… View Post

Only a stone’s throw from beautiful Kensington Palace, the Baglioni Hotel is all marble floors and glamorous setting – the perfect place to spend a few hours with good people. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the… View Post

Afternoon tea. It once was the preserve (apologies for the pun) of high society ladies and has of the last few years been reinstated as a luxurious way to spend quality time with people that… View Post

This may surprise you, but allegedly London is one of the greenest cities in the world. The reason? The Royal Parks which are under The Queen’s protection, and the small but mighty patches of green… View Post