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    Travelling By Plate – 7 Continents, 7 Dishes | Travel Linkup

    During these unusual times that we’re in, taking inspiration from the world around us and from past adventures is a great way to spice up meal times – both figuratively and literally. Because of this, we decided on ‘travelling by plate’ as this month’s travel linkup purely because it was a delicious walk down memory lane.

    So I’ve decided to travel via my own kitchen. In this hop of 7 continents I fancied sharing some tried and true recipes that I’ve not brushed off in an age, and also been inspired by to try some new dishes whilst we’ve got more time to spend cooking. It’s conjured memories and helped to slake my wanderlust.

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    9 ways to travel at home (when you can’t go out)

    I was dozing on the couch, soaking in the sunshine pouring through the windows, and hazily an idea surfaced. I remembered that even though we’re staying safe (and keeping those we love safer) by not going out, there are definitely ways to travel whilst at home.

    Ways to travel at home

    Travel is a welcome distraction from worry, something that brings joy – and if you’ve got children, a good way to explore the world and teach them about other cultures. Whilst we’re restricted to armchair travel, here 9 ways to travel at home – bringing a little light entertainment to our lives.

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    My Dream UK Roadtrip | Sponsored by Bailey of Bristol

    You know how you have Travel Dreams (those ones complete with capital letters) that you keep tucked away in your heart of hearts? Well, although we’re currently on lockdown in the UK and unable to take a trip at the moment, there’s nothing to stop us from planning and dreaming about getting out on the open road when the time is right. Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Bailey of Bristol who have been manufacturing caravans and motorhomes in Bristol since 1948.

    UK Roadtrip

    Use a little downtime to open that box of Jaffa cakes and an enormous map and start following those B-roads in your mind to create the UK roadtrip of dreams.
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    Mostar And Kravice Waterfall | A Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Where do I even start with visiting Mostar and Kravice Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina? It’s a beautiful, quite sobering and worthy day trip from Dubrovnik. Even on a cold, wet, grey day, they were special – I can only imagine how glorious they will be when the sun is shining. 

    Mostar And Kravice Waterfalls Bosnia and Herzegovia

    I honestly never thought that it would be possible to safely visit the Balkan Peninsula. In 1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina joined several republics of the former Yugoslavia and declared independence, which triggered a civil war that lasted four years. The Bosnian War – a long, complex, and ugly conflict that followed the fall of communism in Europe – began & finished in living memory and it never crossed my mind that it would be possible to visit the previously war-torn countryside.  

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    Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa | A Shopping Staycation

    One of my best recommendations for beating the winter blues is having something lovely to look forward to. For me this January, it was a cheeky overnight girls trip to the Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa. Disclosure: We were guests of Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa, all in much need of some January cheer.

    Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa

    The skies were altogether grey and damp, Christmas seemed to leave with all of the good cheer and I was already sick and tired of wearing a coat even festooned with a pretty scarf. (People that know me, will know of my extensive scarf collection which usually cheers me up no end, but it just wasn’t working its usual magic.)

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