My inner princess never thought this was possible. My own country has a history of around 150 settled human years, so the magic of walking through thousands of years of Euopean history never quite loses the unique frisson of delight. This selection is my top 10 of the best castles in the world (well, in my honest opinion anyway!) Suits of armour that tell tales of bravery and hardship, kitchen hearths that fed hundreds of… View Post

The Gower Coast, Wales #travelthursdays

The Gower Coast, Wales #travelthursdays

Sometimes the best way to see a country is as a tourist. This sounds like a proverb from a book of the bleeding obvious, but it’s absolutely true. Over the last few years I have dragged my husband around more of Britain than he has travelled almost in his life. And I think it’s becuse I’m a tourist, a permatourist with a constant case of wanderlust. It might also be because I have a serious problem with… View Post

Wales: The All Blacks, a road trip, and …

Wales: The All Blacks, a road trip, and some daffs – sorry, Taffs.

Kiwis are synonymous with our love of rugby, the All Blacks, and Sheep. Lets forget about the Sheep thing for now, and concentrate on the two we are the most proud of.    Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium was simple magnificent. Twickenham is fun, but shows it’s age.     Some Kiwi fans like to wear buckets on their heads… whilst the Taffs like to wear Daffodils, Leeks, Goals and Dragons. It’s definately a manly game though. … View Post