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    10 of the best cat cafes in the world

    I have a confession to make. I have a full blown cat addiction, and, I’m not even sorry. Those soft little ears, twitching tails and indifferent faces cast a spell that have us dashing around the globe and visiting enough cat cafes to have a shortlist of 10 of the best cat cafes in the world. All the while a sleepy little tabby cat snoozes at home in London…

    The Best Places Long Weekend in Budapest Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Once we’ve booked flights and perused hotels, Google searching for a cat cafe is one of the first things I do – and I’ve been accused of carrying out those 3 tasks in a slightly different order. It’s something I can neither confirm nor deny, but we do have a rather high hit rate of booking accommodation close to cat cafes. I’ll just leave that there, shall I?

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    Travel Takeaways (a literal bite into the Travel Linkup topic.)

    This month for the travel linkup we’re talking all things take-aways; souvenirs, lessons, that sort of metaphysical meandering. But, I’m going to go a little more literal. Travel Takeaways.

    Rossopomodoro Pizza Florence in London Adventures of a London Kiwi

    As in actual foods, usually found in cartons, that have been spoilt by visiting their country of origin or somewhere that really surprised us. It’s the gourmet equivalent of meeting your heroes, and once you start travelling you’ll always look back on amazing food that you probably can’t quite recreate genuinely enough. Read more


    3 Challenges I’ve Overcome Travelling | Travel Linkup

    Despite my blog name, I’m not actually all that adventurous. Think more suburban adventure rather than skydiving or wild camping. But, over the years I have ended up overcoming a few challenges that I hadn’t precisely expected to be faced with.

    Paris Solo Travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

    This blog has always been, and will forever more be a record of my personal adventures. It is a journal of the chaos, delight, opportunities and travails that we encounter all rolled in with an obsession for photography (as far as my skillz extend) and a dash of humour (well, I try anyway).

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    Killer Whale Watching | Vancouver

    The sighting of a killer whale (or orca) can be rare, but they do love to hunt and play in the waters between Vancouver and Seattle, so one of the activities we absolutely wanted to do (in addition to the harbour seaplane flight) was to go whale watching.

    Killer Whale Orca Spotting Vancouver Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Just South of Vancouver, in the quaint Historic fishing village of Steveston we hopped aboard our boat, and spent the day on the water cruising the coast looking for whales, other marine mammals and seabirds. The regular chug-chug-chug of the boat motor for a couple of hours lulled me into a meditate state as we sped our way over the State line from Vancouver, back down to the waters of Washington State. 

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    Brunch at the YEW Seafood Restaurant | Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver

    Enroute to the late afternoon wedding, we decided to slip in a visit for brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel. With so many people and reviews putting it at the top of the best brunches in Vancouver, we had to check YEW Seafood + Bar out – I mean you can take the blogger out of London, but you’ll never quite pry the brunch crown from her tresses.

    Best Brunch in Vancouver Four Seasons Yes Seafood Restaurant Adventures of a London Kiwi

    The Four Seasons Hotel decided to pay an ode to the glorious landscape just outside their Vancouver doors, and decorated in only what I can describe as wild corporate luxury. Kind of like Wolf meets Wallstreet, with a side of maple syrup. It is beautiful. 

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