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New York

    Pizza, yellow cabs, an old new friend, and a new friend.

    New York, New York so good they named it twice… 




    We’ve just returned from a fortnight in the U. S. of A.




    We love exploring a city to get a real metronome of the city heartbeat, and just like everyone of my friends who adored it, we have developed a city crush on New York.




    Whenever we explore a new city, we like to cover all the usual touristy bases; the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Times Square, but we also like getting lost.




    Columbia University, Greenwich Village, Coney Island, Brooklyn… 



    The weather was great for the most part, and being Londoners when it wasn’t, we just cracked on.


    Best part of the trip? Meeting for lunch with the ever lovely Julie, my transatlantic Foodie Penpal and her friend Tara (more to follow on our lunch spot). Twitter rulz.



    America doesn’t do things by halves – this is a candy store (I understand it’s pretty unusual, but still!)





    It was lush (bar a chest infection and I think I’ve lost my camera – neither of which are New York’s fault).


    Another 101 in 1001 goal down.


    Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver – Reading Recommendation

    Sex, (a few) Drugs, Rock’n Roll, all from the Drivers seat in the Big Apple.

    Originally a blog, I was hooked immediately upon reading. It’s one of those books that convey the character of a living city. It’s a great holiday read as the chapters are very short & sweet, so perfect for poolside dipping in and out of (or in my case baking bread whilst lounging in the garden on the weekend) or would make a great loo book.

    Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver: Eugene Salomon

    I found it to be interesting look at the seedier/sensational side of New York in what must be an unforgettable job.


    “He’s taken all sorts of people for a ride: Mafiosi, hookers, the rich and
    famous, down and outs, young lovers, tourists from every corner of the globe,
    lifetime New Yorkers, passengers in a rush, and others with no particular place
    to go.”


    Could you survive as a New York Cabbie? I’m not sure I could…

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