In the shadow of the Seattle Space Needle, almost alien crystalline forms wrap their deft tendrils through the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Every single petal, bowl, stem and branch of cascading glass has been handblown under the guidance of Washington State native Dale Chihuly (in fact he grew up in nearby Tacoma), and we couldn’t quite believe our eyes.

10 things do to when you’re Sleepless in …

10 things do to when you’re Sleepless in Seattle

We flew in and out of SeaTac Airport, staying in Seattle for a few days, before hopping on the train up to Vancouver for a wedding. Sadly, the Pacific NorthWest was battling pervasive smoke from destructive wildfires raging over British Columbia for much of our visit. Seattle is quite an industrial city with incredible natural surroundings and interesting places to visit as a tourist, but we didn’t quite get under the heartbeat of the city… View Post

A (Too) Quick City Break in York.

A (Too) Quick City Break in York.

Much like the Grand Old Duke of York, who had ten thousand men and marched them up to the top of the hill, and then marched them down again, I can’t get enough of York… (because he visited repeatedly, that was obvious, right?) Having visited nearly half a dozen times over the years, and somehow not managing to share it on my blog over the years, I would say that although you could visit from… View Post

The best US road trip EVER – Texas and …

The best US road trip EVER – Texas and Louisiana

Where do you even start with a road trip through Texas and Louisiana like ours?   15 days, 2 US states, 3 cities, 800 miles of driving + 1 internal flight, a serious amount of Texan Bar-B-Que, a swamp tour on a Louisiana bayou with gators and raccoons, music pouring from doorways, a small red car christened Bonnie (just because we could), 7 hotels (definitely a record for us, we usually like to make a single… View Post

Becoming a Cowboy at the Beaumont Ranch, Northern …

Becoming a Cowboy at the Beaumont Ranch, Northern Texas

Do you ever find yourself having a literal ‘pinch me’ moment? At the end of our fortnight we hit the tarmac, rolling out of the gleaming Dallas city centre – on our way back to Austin to sadly fly home – we headed for one last adventure to round out our Southern America roadtrip. We cruised along the long, smooth highways tucked in behind a semi-truck or two (how I preferred to drive whilst in… View Post