WARNING, this post will make you hungry & possibly cause your credit card to jump out of your wallet and book a flight to NYC.  FroYo – Cake Batter, Original, Pistachio & Double Chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmmm  We came, we saw, we explored, we loved and we ate. oh boy we ate! The brilliant thing about holidays are how much you walk. Sightseeing, lack of transport familiarity and getting lost between the sightseeing places. Oh,… View Post

Pizza, yellow cabs, an old new friend, and …

Pizza, yellow cabs, an old new friend, and a new friend.

New York, New York so good they named it twice…        We’ve just returned from a fortnight in the U. S. of A.       We love exploring a city to get a real metronome of the city heartbeat, and just like everyone of my friends who adored it, we have developed a city crush on New York.       Whenever we explore a new city, we like to cover all the… View Post

Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver – Reading …

Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver – Reading Recommendation

Sex, (a few) Drugs, Rock’n Roll, all from the Drivers seat in the Big Apple. Originally a blog, I was hooked immediately upon reading. It’s one of those books that convey the character of a living city. It’s a great holiday read as the chapters are very short & sweet, so perfect for poolside dipping in and out of (or in my case baking bread whilst lounging in the garden on the weekend) or would make… View Post

Gumbo Tales – Reading Recommendation

Gumbo Tales – Reading Recommendation

I heart this book. It makes me want to dash to the airport, get on the next plane for America, and sit on a veranda with a Sazerac in one hand and an Oyster Po-Boy in the other. You really feel the love the author has for her adopted home. She charts the necessary settling in period, almost marking each milestone by developing her journey through each main dish she feels is special to New… View Post