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    Katz’s Diner – New York Restaurant Review

    Oi Vey!

    One thing we had to try when we were in the Big Apple was Katz’s Pastrami on Rye sandwich, found in Manhattans Lower East Side..

    Just how good can a sandwich be?

    (Ps. check out the sign top left hand corner)

    Proper pastrami, fresh and hot from the oven. None of that cold refrigerated plastic supermarket stuff here thank you! I’m not going to bother describing this sandwich. Look how tender it is (and yes, there were some Guy Fiery double bites at times it was so so good).

    I say sandwich, but it’s more of an institution than necessarily just bread and filling. Thankfully we were in safe hands with Katz’s veterans Julie and Tara, advising us to try the green tomatoes as well as the pickles.

    There are no pretensions – it is what it is. Good quality ingredients, served in a juicy delectable slab.

    Everyone who is anyone seems to have visited, and had their photo added to the many walls.

    Pricey granted, but enough to fill you for a day. A whole day people.

    I kinda wonder what the Earl of Sandwich would say if he knew this is what his invention led to. Possibly just a satisfied belch!




    Katz’s has been trading in the neighbourhood for over 100 years, and looks set to continue for a very long time. All the important info is here (opening times and directions). Go, please tell ’em you’ll have the Pastrami on Rye with half sours.




    Ess gesunt! (I’m told it’s Yiddish for ‘Eat in good health!’)


    New York Foodie Adventure | Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

    WARNING: this post will make you hungry & possibly cause your credit card to jump out of your wallet and book a flight to for a New York foodie adventure. #SorryNotSorry

    FroYo – Cake Batter, Original, Pistachio & Double Chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

    We came, we saw, we explored, we loved and we ate. Oh boy we ate! The brilliant thing about holidays is how much you walk. Sightseeing, lack of transport familiarity and getting lost between the sightseeing places.

    Oh, and then there are the foodie walking tours that you book in (gourmet nosh + walking = balance, right?)

    All of my co-workers quite rightly warned me that going to New York on a diet was foolish, so we decided to cast of the healthy eating mantle we have assumed for the last 2 months, and enjoyed everything we have denied ourselves.


    Our walking tour started with mini-appetisers; fresh Tuscan style focaccia bread, a 4 cheese rice ball and a salami selection.

    Our ‘mains’ were the best slice of Pizza we have ever had the pleasure to taste & then holy bagel amazing-ness. Fresh, soft and creamy these were just delicious. Check out the variety of toppings below – this was only about half on offer.

    And for the dessert portion; Molly’s build-your-own-cupcake and

    Cawfee in the best smelling shop in New York,

    and the New York classic, Cannoli. (It was good, but give me a Brandy Snap any day!)

    We also made sure to sample good olde fashioned Big Apple – Apple Pie. Can’t beat it.

    a tender Irish burger,



    and ham, waffles and eggs sunny side up.

    This counted as vegetables, right?

    New York , I salute you.

    There is almost nothing I like more than wandering the aisles of a foreign supermarket to give you an idea of the place. We didn’t buy anything, but stared in wonder at the heaving shelves.


    Bacon Candy is amusing, but disgusting, just fyi.

    Somehow overall whilst on holiday I actually lost a kg whilst we were in America, and New York was only our first week of two. The above wasn’t all we ate, we tried to have a healthy meal each day (porridge, soup or a salad) but we ate guilt free all the way through. Oh, except for our Coney Island Hot Dogs, they were definitely a guilty pleasure with the strange-yellow-cheese-sauce.

    What is your favourite way to eat meals abroad? Self catering, restaurants, mom & pop places or big chains?


    Pizza, yellow cabs, an old new friend, and a new friend.

    New York, New York so good they named it twice… 




    We’ve just returned from a fortnight in the U. S. of A.




    We love exploring a city to get a real metronome of the city heartbeat, and just like everyone of my friends who adored it, we have developed a city crush on New York.




    Whenever we explore a new city, we like to cover all the usual touristy bases; the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Times Square, but we also like getting lost.




    Columbia University, Greenwich Village, Coney Island, Brooklyn… 



    The weather was great for the most part, and being Londoners when it wasn’t, we just cracked on.


    Best part of the trip? Meeting for lunch with the ever lovely Julie, my transatlantic Foodie Penpal and her friend Tara (more to follow on our lunch spot). Twitter rulz.



    America doesn’t do things by halves – this is a candy store (I understand it’s pretty unusual, but still!)





    It was lush (bar a chest infection and I think I’ve lost my camera – neither of which are New York’s fault).


    Another 101 in 1001 goal down.


    Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver – Reading Recommendation

    Sex, (a few) Drugs, Rock’n Roll, all from the Drivers seat in the Big Apple.

    Originally a blog, I was hooked immediately upon reading. It’s one of those books that convey the character of a living city. It’s a great holiday read as the chapters are very short & sweet, so perfect for poolside dipping in and out of (or in my case baking bread whilst lounging in the garden on the weekend) or would make a great loo book.

    Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver: Eugene Salomon

    I found it to be interesting look at the seedier/sensational side of New York in what must be an unforgettable job.


    “He’s taken all sorts of people for a ride: Mafiosi, hookers, the rich and
    famous, down and outs, young lovers, tourists from every corner of the globe,
    lifetime New Yorkers, passengers in a rush, and others with no particular place
    to go.”


    Could you survive as a New York Cabbie? I’m not sure I could…

    (Please note any links to Amazon are through my Amazon Associates account, which means I make a little money (less than 5%) from any purchases made after clicking through these links and it adds nothing to the price of your book. This helps support my book addiction, so if you are interested in buying the book, please click through the top link)


    Gumbo Tales – Reading Recommendation

    I heart this book. It makes me want to dash to the airport, get on the next
    plane for America, and sit on a veranda with a Sazerac in one hand and an
    Oyster Po-Boy in the other.

    You really feel the love the author has for her adopted home. She charts the
    necessary settling in period, almost marking each milestone by developing her
    journey through each main dish she feels is special to New Orleans. She takes
    us on a journey through a variety of dishes including Gumbo, Turduken, Crawfish catching and the ubiquitous Red
    Beans and Rice, with many stops and amusing diversions. The only one I know
    that she missed was Jumbalaya which is a shame.

    “By eating in New Orleans, continually asking questions about eating in New Orleans, obsessively reading about eating in New Orleans, and writing a weekly column about eating in New Orleans, I had created a comfortable world in which it looked and felt as though I were really doing it—becoming one of them, a New Orleanian. But my rusty cast-iron skillet told a different truth. I was like those expats who eat France out of Camembert and croissants but continue to read Satre in English. In Louisiana, cooking is a foreign language. It was time to step up.”

    Gumbo Tales: Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table Sara Roahen

    It’s not a recipe book, more of a book about “food porn”. It does contain some good tips though, tried and trialled by the author. I’ve started to plant the seed with hubby for a holiday, one day.

    (I also had a giggle – my Sister-in-Law and I’s favourite restaurant game is
    spot the typo – they got the authors name wrong on the back cover of the book.
    I’m petty, and not proud, but it did make me giggle. I know I’m terrible for it
    too – spot the spelling mistakes in blog posts make me cringe. Sorry for the
    wandering Segway.)

    If you like food, travel, escapist reading, America, music, or any and all
    of the above, this is a wonderful read. She extensively researched original recipies,
    modifications, and controversies which provide a really interesting
    counterpoint to her own journeys and experiences. It’s also heartbreaking as
    she updates the book following Hurricane Katrina’s devestation to the

    I want to try a Snowball, King cake & Ya-ka-Mein.

    Anyone know of a good New Orleans flavoured restaurant in London?
    If not, dinner might be quite expensive one night.

    (Please note any links to Amazon are through
    my Amazon Associates account, which means I make a little money (less than 5%)
    from any purchases made after clicking through these links and it doesn’t add any cost to your purchase. This helps support
    my book addiction, so if you are interested in buying the book, please click
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