9 of the best things to do in Salzburg

Even if you don’t know the words to the Sound of Music or Falco’s epic 80s classic hit ‘Rock Me Amadeus’, you need to explore Salzburg for at least a long weekend at least once in your life. Most people roll up to this city for a day or so, hit up the tourist highlights and then disappear into another European country. The green waters of the Rhine shimmer through the centre of Salzburg, there is… View Post

Things to do in Dubrovnik | The Relaxation Edit

How on earth do I describe Dubrovnik in a way that sufficiently does the city justice and doesn’t just boil down to yet another ‘things to do in Dubrovnik’ blog post list?  When deciding where to go, we took our time researching and consulting friends who had been to the city for longer than just a cruise ship day offloading (a source of many visitors) and when a good friend suggested that if we go… View Post

Nine Amazing European City Breaks

My shortlist of nine amazing European City breaks was both incredibly hard to write and a lovely walk down memory lane – distilling all the sights and sounds over the years into just one list was tough. Honestly, I could have made this a 42 destination long post, but ain’t nobody gots time for that, amiright? So, on with the (potentially controversial) shortlist of amazing European city breaks.

My Travel Superpowers: Travel Linkup

I wish my travel superpowers were awesome. I would love to be able to time travel like Doctor Who (it would make living on the opposite side of the world SO much easier – I could pop to my Dad’s for a cuppa just as soon as he’s put the kettle on or as soon as the bacon & egg pie is out of the oven), I wish I could invisibly skip queues at popular… View Post


2018 has been full of travel, adventures, bad hairstyles in photos and explorations. My first couple of months were concentrated on building my business and scooting around London (fitting in a few bits of London sightseeing and restaurant visits) before we flew to Romania for a week to explore the Transylvanian castles and political history of Bucharest. I fitted in a cheeky solo beach break in Bournemouth in the middle of a busy project, I explored… View Post