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    Luxury Afternoon Tea in London: The Grosvenor House Hotel

    The lushly appointed Grosvenor House Hotel has a lounge in which you’ll want to linger a little longer, overlooking the leafy boughs of Hyde Park. Especially when the table in front of you is set with a glass of champagne and afternoon tea winks at your from it’s silver stand. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the Grosvenor House Hotel, but all dreamy metaphors are very much my own.

    Luxury Afternoon Tea in London Grosvenor House Hotel Mariott Adventures of a London Kiw

    Every element of the decor and delectable tea stand are a poetic ode to the tree boughs across Park Lane – they seem so close that they’re almost touchable.

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    Afternoon Tea Fit for a New Prince at the Shangri-La London (or in this case, two Princesses)

    I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the London skyline. It’s been a dozen years already, and my heart still thumps every time I get to admire the beautiful views of London town – even more when it’s accompanied by champagne and afternoon tea at the Shangri-La London. Disclaimer: We were guests of Shangri-La London, but all flute tinkling, fork twirling and London skyline admiration is pure, unadulterated me.

    Luxury Afternoon Tea Shangri-La London Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Celebrating motherhood and the eagerly anticipated birth of the baby (little Archie!) of His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, this Royal High Tea takes inspiration from people closest to the chef’s hearts – their mothers.

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    An Afternoon Tea at the Cranley Hotel

    Afternoon tea is a confection straight out of a Roman myth; conversation and delicate treats wrapping around the spindle of an afternoon tea stand, essential ingredients threaded into the warp and weft of Ariadne’s loom. Or some may say enjoying a few hours of afternoon tea somewhere like Cranley Hotel is just a lovely way to while away an afternoon with a good friend – one who you’ve explored some remarkable ancient places with.


    I prefer to take the former and latter approach to life, so yeah. Call me extra if you will.

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    Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Connaught Hotel

    There is a special magic that falls over London at this time of year, a shimmer that only appears between late autumn twilights and inky early winter evenings. I’ve had a touch of the Grinch about me this year, but spending the afternoon enjoying the festive afternoon tea at the Connaught Hotel cast the Christmas spell over me, with a twinkle of fairy lights dancing between champagne bubbles.


    Disclaimer: We were invited guests of The Connaught Hotel, but my ruminations, glittery dress and exacting afternoon tea standards are all very much my own.

    The festive magic shows itself, dancing subtly between hung baubles, notes of laughter and the glimmer of festive dresses that we pulled out of our wardrobes with sheer glee.

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