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    Brunch Kettner’s Townhouse in Soho

    If I’ve learnt anything over the years (besides when to use learned and learnt) is that life is too short to wait for a special occasion to catch up with good friends. And, when there is reason *cough* a birthday *cough* to celebrate, what more perfect excuse for a leisurely weekday brunch do you need? Especially when Kettner’s Townhouse – a luxury boutique hotel in Soho – has reopened as a sister to the Dean Street Townhouse and was languishing, unvisited by us.

    Kettner's Townhouse Luxury Brunch Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Kettner’s has always reminded me of beautiful classical paintings – a homily to the Rococo style of  Jean-Honoré Fragonard, a style that lauded the charm and beauty of the private moments of the French aristocracy” that embraced lightness and frivolity of the subject matter, with soft, carefree lighting and rosy cheeks abounding freely. Read more


    When The Words Just Don’t Flow

    Do you ever have those days where the words just don’t appear? The ones where you spend half an hour gazing at the blinking cursor, willing a thread of inspiration to magically appear on the keyboard?

    I know us bloggers are meant to portray aspirational/inspirational lives where we always have our sh*t sorted, have no hair wisps curling out of place and we never get lost even in a country that we’ve never been to, but I tell you what, this day and my life is certainly not that.

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