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    L’Azure, the Four Seasons Summer Champagne Terrace

    You know how sometimes you have those moments that you want to hold onto, and make last forever? Sipping Dom Perignon in the summer sunshine with Angie and Binny was definitely one of those recently. We were enjoying the newly unveiled L’Azure iteration of the Four Seasons terrace, and it was a perfect summer day, made better by the soft sound of honeysuckle fronds rustling on the pergola. 

    Four Seasons Champagne Terrace Park Lane Luxury Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the Four Seasons but my (very many) thoughts are only ever mine – repeat visits on my own dime (and shoefies as proof) attest to simply how much I enjoy the je ne sais quoi of the Four Seasons.

    L’Azure, tucked away at the end of Amarato’s sophisticated restaurant is the perfect kind of London hideaway.

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    Gingerline Immersive Dining | Inter-dimensional Adventures at Chambers of Flavour

    I love the zany and the quirky, so it’s probably no surprise that of my favourite London pasttimes is going to immersive theatre. I’ve now been to Gingerline productions 4 times, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever get enough of them. 

    Gingerline Immersive Dining Experience Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: My latest visit to the Chambers of Flavour was as a guest of Gingerline, but I’ve gone 3 times beforehand on my own dime. To say I was already a fan-girl is *quite* an understatement… 

    I tried writing about the experiences we’ve had half a dozen times, but struggled to find adequate words (getting the furtherest along here and still failing miserably) 

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    Conrad Hotel St James | Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon tea. It once was the preserve (apologies for the pun) of high society ladies and has of the last few years been reinstated as a luxurious way to spend quality time with people that you adore. So, no surprise then that when I was recently invited to try the new Spring tea at an old favourite, the Conrad London St. James (then known as the Intercontinental Westminster)…

    Conrad St James Hotel Afternoon Tea Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Disclaimer: I was honoured to be a guest of to review the beautiful Conrad St. James.

    … and I heard that a good friend of mine was using up some annual leave that I enticed her out to sample it with me for an early evening tete a tete.

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    The Quince Tree Cafe at Clifton Nurseries

    This may surprise you, but allegedly London is one of the greenest cities in the world. The reason? The Royal Parks which are under The Queen’s protection, and the small but mighty patches of green that fit slip between the brick edifices like The Quince Tree Cafe at Clifton Nurseries.

    Clifton Nuseries The Quince Tree Cafe Adventures of a London Kiwi

    At first glance, this is just another garden centre, curved around the corner from Warwick Avenue underground station, snugged between two terraced houses. 

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    Chiltern Firehouse | A Rather Sumptuous Monday Lunch

    We did something naughty. With snow foiling our plans for a day trip out of London, an IRL friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a fun day in London, and we ended up in the achingly Instagrammable Saint Aymes Cafe and then for lunch in the Chiltern Firehouse, being escorted by our salt and pepper hued date (complete with a waggly tail).

    Chiltern Firehouse Luxury Lunch Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Spoiler alert: both were delectable, and adored Olly our canine companion, almost as much as we do.

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