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    The Best Cats in London | A Feline Guide to my adopted city

    Cats. According to one of my misquoted sources, they run the internet. What I can confirm is that one definitely runs our home – and I just had to put together a list of the best cats in London – both real and sculptural. They’re historical, mischevious, know exactly how to wrap their humans around their paw, and are really rather cute.

    Best cats of London

    – Kaspar the Cat at The Savoy Hotel, The Strand –

    Not only does he have a restaurant named after him, but walk past the entrance to the famous 5-star Savoy hotel on The Strand and you will see a topiary cat. Kaspar’s story begins with the legend of an 1898 dinner at the Savoy given for 14 guests by a South African diamond tycoon. One of the diners was unable to attend, leaving the number of guests an unlucky 13, and another diner predicted that whoever first left the table would soon die. The first to leave was Joel, who died a few weeks later in Johannesburg. After this, the hotel offered to seat a member of its staff at tables of 13 to ward off bad luck

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    5 of my Favourite Churches and Temples to visit in London

    I loves me a church or temple, especially tucked way in the metropolis of London. There is something soothing, uplifting and endlessly fascinating about spires, minarets and gloriously stained glass windows shining their jewelled tones on a polished floor.

    Southwark Cathedral Free things do to in London Adventures of a London Kiwi

    At university when I was studying architecture, we were asked to compare and contrast two very different styles of churches, but expressly forbidden to discuss the religious aspects. I decided to rebel and do it anyway because you can’t really have one without the other – if it wasn’t for the religion, you wouldn’t have the church in the first place. Read more


    Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe: Afternoon Tea Pawfection

    Four years ago (how on earth has that time disappeared so quickly?) we excitedly booked our first – of many – visits to Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe. It was a wintery Saturday evening – because that was the only time they had free in about 3 months of searching – and I gathered together a couple of my nearest & dearest, and we enjoyed a pawfect evening petting the kitties.

    Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe Afternoon Tea Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Warning: If you don’t like cats, this probably isn’t the right post for you – there are a plethora of other interesting afternoon tea posts in this blog though. However, it may be the right post for someone you love. Like all of the bemused guys with their girlfriends… Read more


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