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    The Best 12 Christmas Trees in London | 2019 Edit

    Looking for Christmas tree decoration inspiration? These were my favourite 12 Christmas trees in London 2019. Most of these will be up until the New Year, if not the 12th Day of Christmas, which is technically Sunday the 5th January.

    Christmas Trees of London 2019

    Liberty London | Award for most worthy of a talking caterpillar

    The Liberty Tree was almost my favourite of the festive season – with a distinct Alice in Wonderland 

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    Gift Guide: Small businesses that create amazing things (Travel Linkup)

    If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? If you are a blogger who doesn’t write a Christmas gift guide, are you even entitled to buy rose gold accessories? 

    Handmade Silver Pendants

    Obviously, I’m joking, but for a second year running I felt that an essential tool in my blogging arsenal was lacking deployment (as well as my annual charity gift guide which I’ll pop up shortly.)

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    3 of my favourite winter party recipes: Mulled Cider, Baked Camembert and Pumpkin Soup

    Hitting the perfect dinner party balance of style, flavour and not being stuck in the kitchen can be hard, so here are 3 of my favourite winter party recipes: Mulled Cider, Baked Camembert and Pumpkin Soup.


    They are all perfect for a festive catchup, a Christmas feast or a New Years knees up. Minimum set up, maximum flavour – without overwelming your guests. And, every one of these is vegetarian (just swap the chicken stock in the soup) and scrumptious.

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    12 days of London Christmas Trees

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than exploring London – and even more so in December. So, I gathered my favourite festive finds, to create my 12 days of London Christmas Trees (2018 guide). 

    One of my most treasured photographs from my New Zealand childhood is of my siblings and I gathered around a Christmas Tree. Well, I say my siblings – it’s me and my sister (my brother is already gone, probably off already reading this ‘How xxx Works’ book, ready to quiz us) and I’d love to say we have gathered about in our prettiest dresses in perfect bliss.

    Christmas Tree Walk London Adventures of a London Kiwi

    But we’re not – we’re both dressed in Pyjamas in varying stages of crumple, and I’m being told off because as usual, I’m opening my presents with a snail-like pace, frustrating the adults who want to go and relax. Oh, and it’s probably 27°C so we’ve got the deck doors open to let a breeze through. 

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    A charity gift guide: Unique, quirky and selfless

    Christmas is becoming increasingly commercialised, but it’s also a time where people really do think of the kindnesses that they can pay forward. In that spirit, I’ve been writing charity gift guides since 2014 (which have also helped me buy meaningful presents for those friends and family who are notoriously hard to buy for as well…) as well as supporting great small businesses who are making a difference in the world.

    Charity Christmas-gift-guide

    Blogger gift guides are pretty well established now, but as ever I couldn’t just do a normal one – it needed a slightly Adventures of a London Kiwi twist (I even spotted a couple of little sheep fellows – hey, you can take the blogger out of New Zealand…)

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