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    Home as an Expat | Musings | Travel Linkup

    Searching through a long abandoned cupboard shelf the other day, I discovered a plethora of forgotten things. A Union Jack paper lantern that we had bought to take on a picnic (it was an optimistic purchase even when we first saw it), a New Zealand passport holder still in the embossed box and a box full of art supplies that I had enthusiastically purchased intending to brighten the world one randomly sent homemade card at a time (properly nice, non-froufrou ones FYI).

    Home as an Expat Travel Linkup

    And it got me thinking about home.

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    15 Lunch Ideas For Working From Home

    On a busy office day, the temptation to remove yet another decision between meetings and grab a boring sandwich and a packet of crisps makes total sense. But, there’s an unfettered joy to be had when you have full access to your own kitchen – these 15 lunch ideas for working from home are some of my favourites.

    15 Lunch Ideas Working From Home

    Did you know that according to research one third of Britons eat the same lunch daily, and half say they have been eating it for six years? Well, forget that old cheese and hamd sandwich – switch them up for one of these simple dishes that you can grab between video calls or a slightly more complicated one that you can pop in the slowcooker the evening before.

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    70 Travel Blog Post Ideas | Writing Inspiration

    Let me level with you – this feels a little weird to gather a list of 70 travel blog post ideas with everything going on in the world with Coronavirus. But, based on surveys, the stats of my blog and activity on Pinterest, many people are enjoying reading travel inspiration, whilst they are sheltering in their homes. It can help to dream.


    If you’re a travel blogger who needs a little inspiration, someone who loves writing about travel or you simply want a few moments of armchair travel whilst sat with a cup of tea, scroll down the following list, and simply let the topics wash over or inspire you.

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    9 things making me happy | Positivity Travel Linkup

    There been so much going on in the world recently, and if we were having a coffee right now, it would probably be a Delgado (Tiktok) coffee sitting on our back garden patio. At acceptable socially distant length apart or via video call obviously. This month for the travel link up we wanted to share some positivity – so I thought I’d share 9 things making me happy recently.

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    What To Do In Reims | Champagne, France

    Over a dozen years ago, my Mum and I visited Reims as a day trip from Paris – our first sip of the fabled Champagne region. I can’t tell you how excited I was to visit Reims again as a guest of the Régionale du Tourisme Grand-Est but all thoughts are very much my own.

    What to do in Rheims France

    With train trips as quick as 45 minutes from Paris, Reims (or Rheims as the city is also known) is the perfect gateway to the rest of the Champagne region – and you don’t really need a car to explore the best of the city. As both my lovely friend and I are foodies, our plans consisted mostly of exploring the gastronomic offerings, with the occasional foray into the beautiful cultural history. 

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