New Orleans. Home of Jazz, revelry, voodoo, beignets and hickory coffee – quite simply the stuff of travel legend. Smooth on the surface, ‘Nawlins’ is a historic city reaching back into the turbulent past of the deep South and the more recent devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina (still on the lips of the locals) and further natural disasters, if you delve a little closer New Orleans wears her scars alongside the celebration of Mardi Gras… View Post

How to drive in America (a Kiwi perspective …

How to drive in America (a Kiwi perspective from the wrong side of the road)

Covering 800 miles of American freeways in less than 10 days is something I never thought I’d do to be honest – an inexperienced driver at best I’ve driven short distances (and through a Florida tropical storm from Cape Canaveral back to our Orlando apartment) – but somehow we survived unscathed driving diagonally the length of Louisiana from New Orleans to Shreveport, through the crazy traffic of Dallas and along the long, undulating motorways of… View Post

Austin, Texas: the city where music pours from …

Austin, Texas: the city where music pours from doorways

2 US states, 3 cities, 800 miles of driving + 1 internal flight, a serious amount of Texan BBQ, a swamp tour on a Louisiana bayou with gators and raccoons, music pouring from doorways, a small red car christened Bonnie (just because we could), 7 hotels (definitely a record for us, we like to make a single central base) and a few gallons of craft ale. That was our two week roadtrip through Texas and… View Post

Gumbo Tales – Reading Recommendation

Gumbo Tales – Reading Recommendation

I heart this book. It makes me want to dash to the airport, get on the next plane for America, and sit on a veranda with a Sazerac in one hand and an Oyster Po-Boy in the other. You really feel the love the author has for her adopted home. She charts the necessary settling in period, almost marking each milestone by developing her journey through each main dish she feels is special to New… View Post