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    St Pancras Renaissance Hotel | A Magical Evening Under the Star-Case

    Sometimes as a Londoner you get to experience really special moments that you actually can’t imagine would happen and dining under the incredible sweeping staircase of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel was one of those. Disclosure: we were guests of the hotel, but all thoughts are my own.

    St Pancras Renaissance London

    The beautiful St. Pancras station is one of my favourite places in London – those majestic gothic arches captured my heart many years ago, and the interiors are just as breathtaking.

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    Landmark Hotel Restaurant Review | Leisurely Lunches

    I’m going to let you into a secret. Come close. Come Closer. One of the loveliest things about being my own boss is leisurely lunches. *shifty eyes* Especially last-minute ones that just kinda happen, like this one at the Landmark Hotel Landmark Hotel Restaurant Review

    London seems to be a city that’s either planned 3 months in advance or at the very last minute – and this lunch was most definitely the former.

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    The Best 12 Christmas Trees in London | 2019 Edit

    I’m not quite ready to leave behind Christmas, the [self-proclaimed] most wonderful time of the year. So I’ve decided I’m not going to, and share my favourite 12 Christmas trees in London instead. Most of these will be up until the New Year, if not the 12th Day of Christmas, which is technically Sunday the 5th January. Disclaimer: For some reason every single one of my photos seems to be blurry. I don’t know why. I blame the mince pies indulgence…

    Christmas Trees of London 2019

    Liberty London | Award for most worthy of a talking caterpillar

    The Liberty Tree was almost my favourite of the festive season – with a distinct Alice in Wonderland 

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    Women’s Hand Luggage | The Travel Hack Suitcase | Twelve Month Update

    I absolutely adore my Travel Hack suitcase. After 12 months of rolling around the UK & Europe, I love that it’s still in incredibly good nick, flexible, handy and so very pretty – the perfect piece of women’s hand luggage. (Though Mr Kiwi is happy to be seen in public with it as well, the rose gold zips are quite subtle.) Disclosure: The Travel Hack kindly gifted me the Cabin Max Case (affiliate link*).

    Best Cabin Case Travel Hack Pro Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Bloggers cop a lot of flack (and in some cases rightly so) for declaring every new item ‘their favourite xxx ever’ so I wanted to really thoroughly test my Travel Hack Suitcase – and test it I have. 
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    A Christmas Afternoon Tea With a London View | Aqua Shard

    My friend and I have explored Christmas markets around the UK, solved innumerable escape rooms together, and have a joint love of festive afternoon teas. So I knew exactly who I wanted to hang out with whilst trying this year’s Christmas afternoon tea with a London view – up on the 31st floor of The Shard. Disclosure: We were guests of Aqua Shard but all festive puns and wayward musings are always my own.

    Christmas Afternoon Tea London Aqua Shard

    We met over the internet after she moved from Sydney to the land of almost endless drizzle – and we bonded in only the way that two expats, adrift from their home continent can.

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