The Best Kiwi Cafes in London | Sweet As …

The Best Kiwi Cafes in London | Sweet As Kiwi Brunches

Researching this post of the best Kiwi cafes in London has been the result of 15+ years of extensive footwork. Flat whites are available all over (though I have deep misgivings about McDonalds doing them) and you can get sweetcorn fritters on many brunch menus – but you can’t beat the laidback hospitality and inventiveness of brunch in a Kiwi run cafe/restaurant. I’ve arranged these by classic & inventive, then tried to (very) roughly run… View Post



Returning to an old favourite restaurant like Le Garrick is like putting on a long-forgotten, beloved jumper. It’s cosy, delicious, fits a little differently but above all, has an underlying love of satisfaction so different to a newer garment. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Le Garrick, but my (very many) opinions are only ever my own, and I would never recommend anywhere that I don’t happily visit. And revisit. Restaurants from all corners of the globe line… View Post

The Best Bottomless Brunch in London | AD

The Best Bottomless Brunch in London | AD

A lovely friend of mine recently moved to London, and asked me to recommend the best bottomless brunch in London to her for her birthday. But, there’s a twist. DISCLAIMER – This post was commissioned by but all bottomless brunch in London enthusiasm is very, very much my own.   I’ve got to be honest here and confess that as a self-crowned brunch queen, I only knew of a couple of places to recommend and had… View Post

5 London Restaurant Boxes I have loved (and a …

5 London Restaurant Boxes I have loved (and a dessert bonus)

Throughout the pandemic, restaurants have had to pivot and many have been offering dine-at-home options – and the Mr and I have absolutely delighted in trying them. From this testing, I thought I’d gather together my top 5 London restaurant boxes that deliver nationwide. (We’ve also been supporting local restaurants, but you probably don’t live in my neighbourhood so recommendations would be pointless…) I suspect many places will continue doing this into the future; I’m… View Post

Adam Handling | Gourmet Restaurant Kits

Adam Handling | Gourmet Restaurant Kits

Something we’ve started to indulge in are the restaurant kits that are being developed – and we started with Adam Handling’s HAME offering. We fancied the roast chicken lunch the most so popped an order in. Adam and his team put their heads together and created ‘Hame’ – the Scottish word for home – to offer a taste of their restaurant experience from the comfort of your own house.