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    My Travel Superpowers: Travel Linkup

    I wish my travel superpowers were awesome.

    Corfu Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Gorgeous photo taken by the lovely Jess on Thames!

    I would love to be able to time travel like Doctor Who (it would make living on the opposite side of the world SO much easier – I could pop to my Dad’s for a cuppa just as soon as he’s put the kettle on or as soon as the bacon & egg pie is out of the oven), I wish I could invisibly skip queues at popular events (though fast passes definitely help with *most* queues) and the ability to heal myself or my travel companion when we get sick on holiday (something which seems to be like the cruellest karmic torture) would be ace.

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    5 Green Travel Ways to be Sustainable and Eco-friendly as a Travel Addict

    Every journey begins with a single step – and if I’m entirely honest, this month’s travel linkup on green travel and being more sustainable was more of a challenge than usual. It’s never been the most important consideration when we’re planning travel – we can definitely do some work on that.

    Green Travel Sustainable Adventures of a London Kiwi

    We try and do our very best on a human scale; we don’t own a car and use public transport when at home and travelling where possible (not to mention the wai-wai express – that’s walking to non-NZers), reduce/reuse/recycle as much as we possibly can, and we adopted a small wild animal into our home – who definitely has a zero carbon paw-print. (She’s also worn a bell for years to protect birds & local animals – now she’s a bit too old and lazy.)

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    Kindness and Making a Difference – Travel Linkup

    Over the years, our travels have been pinpointed with acts of kindness that have often made our trip – turning a sad or frustrating situation into one that has restored our faith in the world – so for this month’s travel linkup, all about kindness and making a difference in the world – and these are a few instances that rest in my memories.

    Luxury Wine Chateau Pape Clement Bordeaux

    I’ve worked professionally with a few charities, but not travelled as such to volunteer or make a difference (yet!) so I thought I’d thank a few people who made our trips infinitely lovelier by just being their kind selves. Read more


    What Luxury Travel Means To Me

    I feel like I’ve written this post in a thousand ways over the years. We’ve definitely learned what we love and what we absolutely don’t enjoy whilst travelling – so for the Travel Linkup this month, I thought I would attempt to express what luxury travel means to me.

    ingapore 48 hours Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Often it’s the small moments that I love to savour.

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    3 Challenges I’ve Overcome Travelling | Travel Linkup

    Despite my blog name, I’m not actually all that adventurous. Think more suburban adventure rather than skydiving or wild camping. But, over the years I have ended up overcoming a few challenges that I hadn’t precisely expected to be faced with.

    Paris Solo Travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

    This blog has always been, and will forever more be a record of my personal adventures. It is a journal of the chaos, delight, opportunities and travails that we encounter all rolled in with an obsession for photography (as far as my skillz extend) and a dash of humour (well, I try anyway).

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