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    70 Travel Blog Post Ideas | Writing Inspiration

    Let me level with you – this feels a little weird to gather a list of 70 travel blog post ideas with everything going on in the world with Coronavirus. But, based on surveys, the stats of my blog and activity on Pinterest, many people are enjoying reading travel inspiration, whilst they are sheltering in their homes. It can help to dream.


    If you’re a travel blogger who needs a little inspiration, someone who loves writing about travel or you simply want a few moments of armchair travel whilst sat with a cup of tea, scroll down the following list, and simply let the topics wash over or inspire you.

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    9 things making me happy | Positivity Travel Linkup

    There been so much going on in the world recently, and if we were having a coffee right now, it would probably be a Delgado (Tiktok) coffee sitting on our back garden patio. At acceptable socially distant length apart or via video call obviously. This month for the travel link up we wanted to share some positivity – so I thought I’d share 9 things making me happy recently.

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    Goodness me, it’s that part of the year again already. The time for looking back, taking stock of the present and writing travel wishlists for 2020. It’s also the time of year to be confused about exactly what year it is, but I digress. 

    Travel Wishlist 2020 Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Travel has never been a race for me – I’ve always picked destinations on my own terms, and for my own reasons (more often than not, it’s the history or food of a place) and that’s something that isn’t going to change going into 2020. I do however treasure every single memory made. (If you fancy a recap, here’s a quick travel highlights reel of 2019.)

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    My Travel Superpowers: Travel Linkup

    I wish my travel superpowers were awesome.

    Corfu Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Gorgeous photo taken by the lovely Jess on Thames!

    I would love to be able to time travel like Doctor Who (it would make living on the opposite side of the world SO much easier – I could pop to my Dad’s for a cuppa just as soon as he’s put the kettle on or as soon as the bacon & egg pie is out of the oven), I wish I could invisibly skip queues at popular events (though fast passes definitely help with *most* queues) and the ability to heal myself or my travel companion when we get sick on holiday (something which seems to be like the cruellest karmic torture) would be ace.

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    5 Green Travel Ways to be Sustainable and Eco-friendly as a Travel Addict

    Every journey begins with a single step – and if I’m entirely honest, this month’s travel linkup on green travel and being more sustainable was more of a challenge than usual. It’s never been the most important consideration when we’re planning travel – we can definitely do some work on that.

    Green Travel Sustainable Adventures of a London Kiwi

    We try and do our very best on a human scale; we don’t own a car and use public transport when at home and travelling where possible (not to mention the wai-wai express – that’s walking to non-NZers), reduce/reuse/recycle as much as we possibly can, and we adopted a small wild animal into our home – who definitely has a zero carbon paw-print. (She’s also worn a bell for years to protect birds & local animals – now she’s a bit too old and lazy.)

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